How to Apply your INSERT NAME HERE Clip-In Buns

Sammy vs Cami Clip-in Buns — What's the Difference?

Texture: Curled– in between a wave and a curl
Weight: 60 grams (slightly more volume)
Care: To relax the style slightly, pick the bun gently with your fingers. Cami has a slightly wet look which enhances the texture of her strands. If you want a more matte look, simply spritz with dry shampoo (lightly & evenly), and pick gently with your fingers. You can mist her with water then tousle her gently to restore her curled texture.

Texture: Straight with tousled ends for styling & blending
Weight: 50 grams (slightly more lightweight)
Care: Brush her gently using from the ends to the base before and after wear. To revive her tousled ends simply spritz with water or emergency revival spray & shake gently to reset back to her original style.

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How do I apply my bun?

Step 1: To achieve the perfect bun, start with dry, tangle free hair. Using your fingers and your Never Knotty vegan bristle brush  gather hair into a top knot (baby bun) & secure it with a sturdy elastic. Quick Slick back any unwanted stray hairs or flyaways.

Step 2: Widen the base of your clip-in bun by pressing the adjustable drawstring buckle and pulling outward. This will expand the netting to fit over your natural bun.

Step 3: Apply your clip-in bun over your natural bun, and then begin to slide her inner combs under the base of your bun, ensuring they’re securely underneath your hair tie.

Step 4: Hold on tight! Further secure your clip-in bun extensions in place by pulling and tightening the adjustable drawstring buckle, locking your preferred size into place.

Step 5: Be sure to tuck in the excess drawstring ends inside the bun after wrapping it around the base of your bun. Use bobby pins or another hair elastic to secure the loose ends and complete your style.

How do I wash my INSERT NAME HERE Clip-In Buns?

To start, brush and detangle your bun with the INH Brush

Soak her under cool running water.

Use a mild or synthetic wig shampoo and lather her with your other hand using circular motions with your fingers throughout the hair until clean. DO NOT RUB or thather into a ball!

Rinse the shampoo and apply a good amount of some moisturizing conditioner or hair mask (steer clear of heavy leave in oils or creams). For best results, leave the conditioner or hair mask on for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Rinse hair under cool running water until silky smooth. Lightly detangle any knots with fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Squeeze excess water, then lay on a dry towel and let it air dry.

WARNING: Do NOT blow dry your buns! Doing so may result in damage to your locks (and we hate damaged hair). Air dry your hair for best results.

Can I dye my INSERT NAME HERE Clip-In Buns?

Unfortunately, since they are made of pre-colored vegan fibers, you cannot dye the fibers with hair color. We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from and multiple free ways to be expertly color matched. But if you don't see your color, feel free to reach out to our customer service team for support. We love hearing from our INH Babes!

For more information on caring for your INSERT NAME HERE hair check out our helpful guide.