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Section A. Mods
VIPs, stars at sharing hair hacks/tips/looks, best of the best at building community
- Accept new posts/ decline if guidelines not followed and give kind feedback (if Customer service issue pls leave for our team to address)

- Accept new members that answer the membership questions/ accept the rules. Use best judgment, if it looks like a business, bot, etc. Also feel free to ask Alora/an INH staff member for support if there’s a question about specific member entry, behavior, or needs to be kicked out

- Decline new members if they do not answer the questions nor agree to the rules/guidelines. These people are unlikely to engage within the group and asking them to try again filters out any who aren’t that interested and maintains integrity of the group. They must agree to the group rules, bare minimum. Canned response for those who do not answer “Hi there, we require the group questions to be answered & the group rules agreed to in order to join in the fun. Please try again. We hope to see you soon!”

- Create & post looks with gifted product

- Give reviews & feedback on gifted product

- Create conversations and answer questions 3X each week

- You’re expert Babes: Engage with each member’s posts & be helpful and supportive inside the group!

- Participate in challenges (post, comment on others and encourage engagement)

- Participate in polling/surveys and product discussions

- Help concept challenges and group activities sending ideas, and hosting at least once per month (1 monthly group meeting in the chat to discuss improvements + brainstorm ideas)

- Help plan, and participate in lives and activities

- Request to remove a member from the group

- Dismantle commenting for posts that are deemed “out of control”

- Delete posts or comments that are hateful/upsetting according to group values

- Promote/uphold the Group Guidelines when necessary

Post Approvals: Generally, posts just need to be about INH/related topics to do with hair and not break any rules to be approve.
  • • Selling INH products (there is a separate group specifically for that that runs itself/ not affiliated with INH or the team)
  • • Selling products/services period
  • • Sob stories** use discretion here, so babes are seeking connection and support, but if it’s something that will not be met with the support and encouragement they need, or a highly sensitive subject/political, best to avoid putting them through that
  • • Asking about discount codes/any post containing a discount code
  • • Any post that doesn’t follow the group rules (will need to message what rule was broken when you decline the post)
During new launch & holidays
Each Moderator can giveaway a $25 INH Gift Card during one live a month as incentive for viewers to join
Gratis & Perks:
- 30% off exclusive code
- 1 free product* from new launches/ products mods do not already own, and extra perks as decided by INH management will be given to mods at no charge to meet the above guidelines so that they may provide feedback, answer group questions, create looks etc.
* ​​Excludes: Low inventory items/ Special restrictions / Double gifting of items mods already own
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INH Admin
  • — Lead all surveying/polling/pd related
  • — Company updates/ insider knowledge
  • — New launch, Instagram/Tiktok live reminders and special promo posts
  • — Intervene Group situations when necessary
  • — Keeping the Group integrity intact
  • — Officially remove Group Members
  • — Overall approving challenges, lives, activities
  • — Monitor Growth & Engagement
  • — Mod support & liaison
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INH Admin assistant
  • — Accept new posts
  • — Accept new members that answer the membership questions / accept the rules
  • — Help concept challenges and group activities
  • — Pre schedule posts for review (and document in the given tracker)
  • — Send cx screenshots to cx channel chat if they need to get involved (issues with shipping, product)
  • — Send notable posts to the community channel [ at least once weekly] (heartfelt moments, incredible looks, posts with high engagement, trending FAQs)
  • — Help organize topics sections on group page (FAQs, Featured Pins, Challenge Winners)
  • — Help with giveaways (prizing & communications)
  • — Help place and track mod orders
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  • — Meet and greet and or game night once a quarter TBD
  • — Product discussions/ company updates & inside knowledge
  • — Promote new products