Your Hair

but better

Nobody's perfect, and neither is their hair. That's why we're changing the expectations for your natural hair. That perfect celeb hair? It's likely not their own! The flawless hair you see all over Instagram - probably has some help.
And that's where INH comes in. Our INH pre-styled ponies solve for: thin hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, low volume, and har that won't hold a curl.


We are vegan & cruelty free

We won't hurt your wallet

We focus on customer
satisfaction (your voice matters!)

We only use the best
materials & ingredients

We are female founded

Our Vegan Synthetic Fiber From Japan


Our synthetic pieces are made of a special, high quality, lightweight, vegan fiber from Japan. It accurately mimics the look and feel of human hair so no one ever has to know you didn’t grow it yourself!

Easy Application

You don’t have to be a pro to achieve a quick and easy hair transformation at home! Our easy-to-use ponies blend flawlessly with your real hair and provide a comfortable, secure all-day hold.

Natural Look

We pride ourselves on innovation and are always expanding our range of shades, textures and styles. Our pieces are pre-styled, which means they are always ready to go when you are! No additional styling necessary.

Not Sure which Ponytail to get?

How To Apply


How To Apply


How To Apply


Love Notes From You

I love that there is a lightweight option. My hair is thin and these extensions blend seamlessly, no one can tell they are clip-ins. The quality is amazing and so soft and the color choice is fantastic. If you need help with choosing a color the team is always there for you.

- Keli (Remy Human Hair - Lite)

I have always had thin hair and even tinier and thin ponies. So this was the perfect solution! I have so much confidence wearing this pony. What a great investment. I highly recommend it! The hair is so soft and shiny and does not tangle

- Stephanie (Miya Ponytail)

I absolutely love this ponytail. Naturally, I have super super thin and short hair so this was such an amazing confidence booster! I wore it to work and got many compliments from customers. It’s very lightweight, thick, long and super soft!! Thanks for the great ponytails!

- Luisa (Shayla Ponytail)

I have really thick curly natural hair so I was worried this wouldn’t look good on me at all but I LOVE how it looks!! It’s super easy to put on and it stays on and is easy to brush through. Love how it looks!

This ponytail texture is ideal because to me it seems very realistic. The confidence boost this hair gives me...UNREAL!!! I cannot say enough good

- Emma (Lola Ponytail)

Hi-Lites are easy to use and so freakin cute!! I get SO many compliments when I wear them. They're just so fun! I have them in 5 colors and already want more!

- Monica (Hi-lites)