And no, we didn’t forget to fill in the blank.

To us, our name INSERT NAME HERE™ (INH) means the possibilities are endless. Our ultra high quality, easy-to-use hair solutions are brought to life when you insert your unique personality & creativity into them. We are defined by you, our INH babe. You’re the main character & we’re the supporting role, here to help you celebrate your individuality through your hair.


inspiring confidence, community & self-expression through hair

We spend countless hours at the drawing board making products that help you totally transform your hair in seconds on your own terms, without damage or commitment… which means you can have salon styled hair any time you please (even from the comfort of your PJs if that’s what you’re into).

Whether you’re looking for instant volume & length, a DIY transformation, or simply a serotonin boost, we have solutions that are focused on superior quality and self expression.

We surveyed INH Babes from around the globe and here are the top 3 reasons they choose INSERT NAME HERE:

1. They want a confidence boost

2. They are bored with their hair

3. They are concerned about the health of their hair or have perceived “hair problems”.

100% of women* said their hair is important to their overall happiness & wellbeing, they feel more confident & empowered when they feel good about their hair– and that INSERT NAME HERE™ helps with that feeling.

Did You Know...


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say hair is a big part of their


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Meet the

We, Shordynn (Sharon & Jordynn) became best friends & realized we loved building brands together after growing one of the biggest eCommerce beauty brands from the ground up.

While our journey started in cosmetics, we found our real passion was hair. After listening to the concerns that women had about their hair (and experiencing a few bad hair days & products ourselves), it seemed obvious to us that hair is the ultimate source of self-expression, confidence, and transformation– but there were very few options available for high-quality, on-trend hair products at accessible price points.

That was the light bulb moment! After a chance meeting with our co-partner Kevin & a lot of wildstorming, we finally moved past our fears & fully embraced our start up adventure.

In only a few years we went from selling hair domestically from our homebase in L.A to shipping our products worldwide, gaining attention as Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs, landing our dream partnerships & selling INSERT NAME HERE™ in thousands of stores (like Ulta!).

INSERT NAME HERE will always be rooted in connection, community, positivity & self-expression. No matter where we grow from here, it will always be important to us that we remain rooted in that small, but mighty team mentality that reminds us of the beauty community we fell in love with in the first place. 

With our team’s collective years in the beauty industry, our 24/7 service team & community of INH Babes– you have expertise at your fingertips, always.

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