Transform Your Look with Our Women's Wigs
Want a drastic hair change without the commitment? Our women's wigs have got you, girl. Whether you want to try out some wild trends on the weekend or experiment with bangs before getting the chop, it's easy to quickly switch up your look and attitude with our wig collection.

Trendy Wigs in Every Color
Unicorn, ombré or platinum blond. If hair trends have taught us anything, it's that everyone loves experimenting with color. What we don't love is the fact that it takes a lot of time and money — not to mention bleach — to do it. Then there's the maintenance. Colors fade, roots grow out, and constant dying leaves hair feeling damaged and unloved. That's why women's wigs are a true beauty superhero. As well as natural shades, we have trendy wigs in the latest shades so you can be fashionable without the commitment. It's so easy to switch colors — you can go from Bunny in dusty rose to KeKe in lavender without breaking a sweat (or calling the salon).

Long or Short, Our Cool Wigs Make It Easy to Experiment
We know what it's like. When you have a bob, you want glamorous booty-skimming hair. And when you've got long hair, nothing looks cooler than a crop. The grass is always greener on the other side, and with our cool wigs you don't have to commit to a chop or wait for your hair to grow out to get the aesthetic you've been dreaming about. Having a few of our wigs around means you can channel different sides of your personality every day of the week. Go from long and wavy hair with our Kim wig on Friday night before switching back to a sleek, angled bob  like Poppy on Monday morning.

Get The Pony You've Always Wanted with Our Ponytail Wigs
Okay, so technically they're ponytail extensions and not wigs, but the principle is the same. And they're our best sellers for a reason. Easy to use, you just need to apply them over your own bun or ponytail to add instant length and volume. Natural hair never looks this good in a pony, but because ours are made from the finest Japanese synthetic fibres nobody will be able to tell the difference. Go for sleek and simple styles inspired by Ariana Grande, brightly colored ponies made from real unicorn hair, or keep it sassy with our spiral Shayla pony.

Lightweight, Natural Looking and Ready to Wear
All of our wigs are made from the finest Japenese synthetic fibres, which are super lightweight and easy to wear. The fibres are also abl, so you can style our trendy wigs however you like — whether you want to wear them sleek and straight or add a bit of crimp and curl. The Japanese fibres are as close to the real thing as you can get. Plus, with natural looking roots and partings, nobody will be able to tell it's not your real hair. Give it a toss and take on the world.