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Are you ready for a fast, guilt-free transformation?

Our vibrant semi-permanent hair color is the perfect way to transform your hair at home! This full-coverage, vegan, and cruelty-free formula not only deposits pigment– but also acts as a deep conditioner. Hair is left hydrated, nourished, super soft. No need to mix this product with any developers, lighteners, or permanent colorants – Insert Color Here comes ready to use. The color gradually washes out over time, while the natural goodness of Baobab Seed Oil & deep conditioning Glycerin helps prevent breakage and keeps your hair moisturized & hydrated every time you use it.


*Amount will vary according to hair density




1 jar

Above Shoulders

1-2 jars


2-3 jars

Below Chest

3+ jars

- Start with clean, unconditioned, dry hair. For full color payoff/coverage, our hair color works best with pre-lightened platinum to pale blonde hair. 

- Use petroleum jelly or coconut oil around the hairline and on ears.

- Use protective gloves and apply the color evenly from roots to ends with a tinting brush. Find everything you need to DIY your dye with At Home Hair Color Kit.

- Leave color in for 30 to 45 minutes. No heat/cap required! For brighter & longer-lasting results, let the color sit for 1 hour. (Don't worry, Insert Color Here has a conditioning formula, so it won’t damage your hair.)

- Rinse your hair in cool or lukewarm water until it feels clean.

Pro tip: hair color may stain clothing or other surfaces. We suggest using towels or newspaper to protect your work surfaces. Wear an old t-shirt or use old towels to protect skin and clothing from color staining. Rinse color completely & dry hair to prevent post color transfer. 

For more tips & tricks check out our blog post How To Apply Insert Color Here

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      Why The Hype?

      • Full-coverage, vibrant semi-permanent hair color

        The perfect way to satisfy your fantasy hair color craving & transform your tresses at home without the risk of damage.

      • Conditions while it colors

        Our gentle formula deposits the vibrant hair dye while acting as a deep conditioner, leaving your hair looking & feeling hydrated, silky smooth, shiny & super soft.

      • DIY & beginner friendly

        You’re good to go! No lengthy tutorial necessary, Insert Color Here is ready to use as it comes – no need to mix this product with any developers, lighteners, or permanent colorants.

      • No damage or commitment

        Try a bold new look with the best semi permanent hair color, with vibrant hues that hydrate and never damage your ‘do. This color is long lasting and fades out gradually over time.

      • For all hair types

        Thin, brittle hair? Insert Color Here works on even the most delicate hair types, for a completely damage-free color treatment you can touch up anytime. Insert Color Here can also be used on Remy Human Hair pieces!

      • Customizable

        Mix and match, ignite your creativity & create your own custom hair color.

      • No B.S.! (Bad Stuff)

        Our gentle vegan & cruelty-free formula is paraben-free, sulfate-free with ZERO harsh chemicals like bleach, or peroxide!


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      • Insert Color Here

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does hair deposit last?

      Insert Color Here fades gradually with every wash, typically 6-12 washes but the number of washes depends on various factors. Use a clarifying shampoo and wash your hair frequently to fade color faster. For faster transitions, we would recommend that the next color you choose be darker than the previous color, to cover any potential fadeout discoloration. For the most vivid effect, wait until your current color completely fades out. *Darker hair colors may take longer to fade. For complete removal, consult with your professional hair stylist.

      Check our blog on How to Make Temporary Hair Color Fade Faster for more tips.

      Do I need to bleach my hair to apply a semi permanent hair color?

      Although you don’t NEED to bleach your hair, Insert Color Here works best on pre lightened hair and it’s the perfect base for vibrant, long-lasting results. If you’re going to bleach your hair or do any lightening process we recommend asking the help from a professional stylist because bleaching can cause permanent damage to your hair.

      What is the best level of hair to apply semi permanent hair color?

      The level of your hair is determined by your hair’s shade & hair porosity. These levels serve to establish a standard for the various shades hair can be, simplifying the process of creating formulas to achieve your desired hair look. These are the levels from darkest black to the lightest blonde:

      Level 7: Light Brown
      Level 8: Medium blonde
      Level 9: Light Blonde
      Level 10: Platinum

      Will semi permanent hair color cover my grays?

      While there’s a chance that Insert Color Here might cover your grays, it is not guaranteed. Our conditioning semi permanent hair colors are deposit-only, which means that naturally gray or white strands can sometimes prevent color from depositing.

      How can I use it to achieve a less vibrant look?

      Feel free to dilute the color by adding your own moisturizing conditioner to mix in with the semi permanent hair color. We suggest adding conditioner first then gradually mixing in color as desired. When applying conditioner with hair dye, it is recommended that you follow a 1:3 ratio, 1 part color & 3 parts conditioner. You can also mix Insert Color Here in your regular conditioner bottle for an easy way to refresh and revive your color.

      Here are our recommendations for how many jars to purchase for the style & look you desire!


      Above the Shoulders 1-2 jars
      Shoulders/Chest 2 jars
      Below Chest 3+ jars
      Highlights 1 jar

      *The number of jars recommended may vary due to hair density.

      Can I use more than one fantasy color at a time?

      We recommend using different colors on different strands. You can mix the shades to achieve a different shade but please note we do not recommend mixing darker/deeper shades together!

      Tip: We recommend mixing a very small batch together first and testing to ensure you like the resulting shade.

      Will semi permanent hair color damage my hair?

      Insert Color Here is a gentle, deposit-only color that does not damage your hair. Our main protein ingredient is extracted from seeds that are also known as Superfoods. If you wish to bleach your hair for a brighter color payoff, we advise you to see a professional, as DIY bleaching may cause damage to your hair.

      How do I know if I'm allergic to semi permanent hair color?

      We recommend doing a patch test before dyeing your whole head.

      How to perform a patch test?

      - Use a cotton swab and apply a small amount of product to the skin near the nape of your neck.
      - Allow it to dry and leave it on for 24 hours
      - If there is any redness or irritation, discontinue use of the product.

      Please check out our blog How to Apply Hair Color for more information.

      How often can I color my hair with semi permanent color?

      We recommend you wait at least 1-2 weeks between hair color applications to keep your hair looking & feeling its best.

      Can you use semi permanent hair color on natural virgin hair?

      Insert Color Here is safe to use for all hair types, but keep in mind it will look more vibrant if you have a light blonde shade, other natural colors may not pick up pigment as easily. 

      Pro Tip: Apply your dye to baby hairs around your scalp and neck last, as they dye super fast.

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      51 reviews
      • A Profile picture for Alyssagoogle logo
        Verified Reviewer
        Insert Color Here
        Insert Color Here
        I recommend this product
        Rated 4 out of 5 stars
        2 days ago
        Super Vibrant

        This stuff works so well! It’s so easy to use and goes on with little effort. I bleached my natural red hair and had tried to dye it a light purple but it didn’t last, after a while with crunchy hair I decided to try this. I did a patch test and left it for an hour. The color was amazing and my hair felt much less crunchy. So a couple days later I did the rest. The only problem I’m having is that even after 4 good long showers with shampoo i’m still not rinsing clear. Otherwise my hair is soft and a beautiful purple!

        IN Profile picture for Insert Name Here
        Insert Name Here
        30 minutes ago

        Hi Alyssa,

        Thank you for your feedback! Insert Color Here fades gradually with every wash, but the number of washes depends on various factors such as the starting hue of the hair & hair porosity can also affect rapid colour fade. Use a clarifying shampoo to fade color faster. *Darker shades may take longer to fade. :)

        For more details on how to make temporary hair color fade faster, check out our blog post here:https://inhhair.com/blogs/news/how-to-make-your-hair-fade-faster

      • ZH
        Zaya H.
        Verified Buyer
        Ruby Red
        Ruby Red
        I recommend this product
        Rated 5 out of 5 stars
        3 months ago
        It’s great

        It worked great with my wig. Will try it again

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