How to Prep Hair for Clip-in Extensions

How to Prep Hair for Clip-in Extensions

Did you know that you can do a few hair care steps before applying synthetic hair extensions to make them look even better?

You'll love these tips to help your hair & extensions flow together. The goal is to make this experience easy & comfortable for you while making your hair your ultimate camouflage tool.

Start with a Good Cleanser

Ofc you can use your hair extensions on your non-wash hair days (in fact we highly recommend it) —  but if your hair is fine, thin, or limp looking, when you use a shampoo for fine hair that supports volume and clarifies hair, the lift will help with weft coverage. It also helps prep the scalp by releasing build-up, and giving you clearance and a clean slate for your hair and styling products to do their thing.

BTW, only wash your synthetic hair when you absolutely need to! 

Speaking of Scalp Support



INH Babe @stephhcardenas using Never Knotty Brush.

Speaking of volume… our Got To Grow hair serum can help you improve the appearance of more voluminous, thicker, fuller, healthier hair. A fuller look helps synthetic hair blend better with your natural hair. And let's face it, who doesn't love a healthier feeling scalp?

You can totally use a lightweight shine serum on your strands when using your INH hair extensions. We actually recommend it to help increase the healthy look and shine of your hair and match it to your extensions which are made for that multidimensional healthy look. 

Detangle, detangle, detangle

INH Babe @tiaratruong using Never Knotty Brush.

Your lovely detangled strands are the basis for success. Use a
wide tooth comb or vegan mixed bristle brush to get rid of knots & style your hair. Just like you brush your extensions, you should brush your hair in sections. Hold the base of your hair near the root and start gently combing through at the ends. Work up to the mid-lengths, and finally brush all the way from the root to the ends last. Brush completely through before you tease at the roots or add texturizing spray.

If your hair or extensions are the extra knotty ones, apply a hair detangling spray to them. Forget about tired arms from brushing out tangles!

Avoid frizzy hair



INH Babe & INH Hair co-founder @IMMBUNNY using No Fly Zone Pomade

Nothing kills a perfectly put-together look faster than frizz. To accomplish a frizz-free style, you can use Quick Slick for lightening fast touch-ups or No Fly Zone Pomade for creating a base for your wefts, texturizing, and buildable hold for longer periods. Both make for a solid yet pliable hold that is never greasy, flakey, or crunchy. If you want to make a fashion statement & add a twist to your hairstyle, use a hair scarf. You'll love that y2k vibe!

Improve grip-ability 



INH Babe @thoughtify using u-clip hair extensions.

Yes! Putting your INH Hair extensions is THAT easy, but if you need an extra hold you can lightly spray your roots with a texturizing spray to improve the holding power of your u-clip hair extensions.

You can also tease your roots right above where you're going to clip them, so they don't slip. You don't need to overdo it with the teasing, just a tiny bit if you want that extra grip.

Blend long hair extensions



INH Babe @MehreeMakeup wearing XTRA INCHES in Honey.

If you're the master of hair extensions you probably know all the tips that we have given you. But did you know this hack to blend your longer hair extensions? Braiding your bottom section will give you a little extra volume & your synthetic hair will blend easier with your natural hair. Curled or voluminous styles can be easier to blend for beginners– but you can also curl straight styles if desired, at temperatures up to 320 degrees to blend with your hair. 

We love the before as well as the after, show us how you prep your hair to apply your extensions. Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe

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