How to Use Our Got to Grow Hair Serum + Gua Sha Jade Comb

How to Use Our Got to Grow Hair Serum + Gua Sha Jade Comb


NEW: Introducing our hair and scalp serum and jade gua sha hair + face comb.


Why did we want to turn the hair game on its head & create a top-tier skincare serum specifically for the scalp?


  • 1. Hair loss isn’t just a boys club. Less than 50 percent of women have completely full head of hair their entire lives.

  • 2. Your scalp (a.k.a the home of your hair) ages 6 times faster than your face! 

  • 3. Skincare should truly be from head to toe (it doesn’t stop at your face!). A daily scalp care routine is critical for maintaining a healthy biome and thicker looking hair. The appearance of denser & more youthful hair never gets old!

  • 4. We listened to our community’s hair journeys and concerns, and their hair needs drive our product assortment.

  • 5. It's in our DNA to provide the easiest solutions to achieve longer, thicker healthier looking hair!


For all these reasons and more, we’ve spent years concepting & developing the next layer to our offerings for thicker, longer, healthier looking hair. We started with preventative damage-free, protective styles, now we’re being proactive too, by addressing hair health at the root!


Our expert product team has been working with laboratory chemists testing each raw ingredient and creating an extremely high-quality serum with proven results.

But we didn't stop there! We third party tested & focus group tested our serum, and sent it to our favorite dermatologists to make sure we checked all of our boxes.

The results are finally in & we can't wait to share them with you…


First, here are some of our biggest questions, answered. 


What is Got to Grow hair serum for density and strengthening?  


TLDR; It can support the scalp to help create an environment that can increase the appearance of hair density & reduce signs of shedding, for thicker, fuller, more voluminous looking hair.

As an added bonus, we made the perfect sidekick. If you haven’t heard of gua sha combs before, let us introduce them. Originating from ancient Chinese medicine, gua sha has been used for over 2,000 years! The combs can be used on your scalp and face. 

When you gently use the comb on your scalp, it can improve circulation and stimulate blood flow, which can be great for scalp and follicle health. When you use the gua sha comb on your face, it can help ease muscle tension, alleviate headaches and help you feel relaxed. Our Got to Gua Sha tool is made of white jade. 

What are the key ingredients in Got to Grow hair serum for density and strengthening?

Our vegan, cruelty free hair serum is made with 9 scientifically studied natural peptides (more than any on the market), caffeine and biotin (Vitamin B7).

The formula is carefully curated and each natural ingredient is in its safest, maximum dosage. It is dermatologist recommended and clinically tested. 

The ingredients work to support keratin production in hair, can help strengthen hair to reduce shedding, can help increase the rate of follicle growth & help to counteract the effects of hair follicle shrinkage caused by testosterone (DHT– the cause of 95% of all hair loss).  

Our serum has No B.S. (bad stuff, ever): no gluten, hormones, dyes, petrolatum, phthalate, sulfate, silicone, parabens or prostaglandin.

Test Results: Before and After pictures using Got to Grow hair serum 

Does this hair & scalp serum actually work? We’ll let the results speak for themselves.

In a 90 day third party clinical study with 40 female subjects struggling with hair loss, thinning or sparse hair.

  • 89% noticed thicker, denser hair 
  • 83% noticed less shedding  
  • 89% said hair has more volume than before  
  • 89% said overall they were pleased with this product

One of the women in the study, who struggles with thin hair due to an autoimmune disease, said the serum made her hair “ feel healthier and look denser” in her review of the product. 





Is Got to Grow Hair Serum Dermatologist Recommended? 

Dr. Nicole Ruth, DO, is a board certified dermatologist who completed her traditional rotating internship and dermatology residency at Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey, where she served as the chief resident. 


Dr. Ruth enjoys all areas of dermatology including medical, surgical and cosmetics and has experience treating pediatric, adolescent and adult patients. She is passionate about treating her patients holistically with a particular interest in health, wellness and prevention.

Dr. Ruth said, “Got 2 Grow Serum contains a blend of concentrated active ingredients to help support scalp health and promote a healthy hair environment."

How To Add Growth Serum and Gua Sha Comb To Your Daily Routine

To prep your hair for the hair and scalp treatment, it should be clean and conditioned. Serums work best when excessive oils don’t block your scalp from absorbing the ingredients. Although we recommend using the serum daily, you do not need to wash your hair everyday if it doesn’t need it. When we say clean scalp, it means free of dirt and products. 

Technically any actives would work their best on a clean scalp because they work under layers of the skin and need clearance. Many hair products (not scalp products) can contain alcohol and emollients that may add layers of blockage against absorption. 

That's why we say to use the hair serum on a clean scalp and wash out any products (gels, hairsprays, leave-in conditioners, etc) before application.

Those who don't use hair products, and don't wash their hair everyday, can use it daily if their hair is clean (no dirt, sand, beach chlorine, etc.). 

Your hair should be only slightly damp or dry when applying the serum (not wet). Make sections where you want to apply. Tilt head back & apply a few drops, concentrating on any areas of concern. 

When you’re done applying the serum to your scalp, you can gently massage your scalp with the Got to Gua Sha comb to maximize blood flow. It is very important to be gentle when massaging your scalp. You don’t want to irritate it!

Repeat this daily for the best results. 

Most people using the serum start to see a difference after 4 weeks when used as instructed. This formula is a leave-on/in treatment, use morning or night. Do not wash hair or scalp after application



How to use a gua sha on your scalp and face

To use the gua sha on your scalp, apply Got to Grow Hair Serum.

Then massage serum into the scalp by gently combing the Scalp Gua Sha in long strokes, moving from the imaginary center line of your head, outwards.



If you want to use the Got to Gua Sha tool on your face, use the long curved side edge and the short contoured edge (not the comb part).

Start at the jawline and chin. Gently glide it up and out. Slowly work your way up to your cheeks and carefully glide it across the cheeks, under the eyes and up to your hairline in an upwards sweeping motion. Thoroughly clean it with gentle soap and water, dry after use.

Pro tip: Don’t press down too hard and don’t move the comb fast. This is true for your face and scalp.


Got To Grow Hair Serum And Got To Gua Sha Frequently Asked Questions


How much serum do I need to apply? 

It is recommended to use one to two droppers of serum per use, but no two people are the same! If your hair is thin and fine and you feel like you need less than one to two droppers, or if your hair is thick and coarse and you feel like you need more, then follow your intuition– it is a not oily/greasy formula. 


Can I use the serum on the day I don’t wash my hair? 

Yes! You don’t need to wash your hair every single day but you can use the serum daily. When we say clean hair, we mean hair free of other products, dirt and excess oils. If hair is oily or dirty it will cause a barrier and make it difficult to penetrate thus making the product less effective.


Does the hair serum work on all hair types?
Our hair serum is gentle enough for all hair types and textures.


What is the difference between a jade roller and a gua sha comb? 

Jade rollers have one shape and one motion to a jade roller. A gua sha, on the other hand, has different edges that can be used to go up and out or side to side.  


More questions? Please feel free to message us or refer to the FAQ page for the hair serum.  


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