11 Questions About Fake Hair Answered

11 Questions About Fake Hair Answered


New to fake hair (wigs, hair extensions, et al) and wondering where to start?

As experts, we've got all you want to know right here. Consider this your beginners guide to the world of fake hair.

Why hair extensions?

Perhaps you have a hair problem like damaged hair, thin hair or hair that won’t grow. Maybe you want instant length and volume, more freedom to get creative with your hair, or want to try a new hair color or style. Maybe you have a special occasion, or maybe you’re just bored with your hair. No matter the reason, hair extensions can offer a fast and easy hair transformation. Before, you had to go to a salon to get quality hair extensions. Now, there are a variety of pro-quality options that you can apply from home that cause zero damage when worn properly. These are the types of hair extensions that we’ll explore below.

What are hair extensions made of? 


Hair extensions can be made out of real, human hair or synthetic, artificially-made hair fibers. At INSERT NAME HERE, we offer 100% pure Remy human hair clip in extensions and vegan INFINI-FLEX hair extensions made by our team of experts. 


If you want more information on the difference between Remy and INFINI-FLEX hair, read our guide here.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

While some may think hair extensions only come in the form of hair wefts, there are so much more than that. When it comes to damage free options that you can do yourself at home and don’t require any commitment like micro beads/ micro-links, bonded hair extensions, sew in hair extensions do… we’ve got you fully covered.


  • Ponytail Extensions

Ponytail extensions are what put us on the map! They’re an easy way to instantly add volume & length to your ponytail. INSERT NAME HERE specifically offers two types of ponytail extensions: wrap-around ponytails and drawstring ponytail extensions.




INH Babe @gkccouture_ in copper Lara ponytail

To learn more about ponytail extensions, read our guide here.


  • Drawstring Ponytails

Ponytails with a drawstring application have soft breathable netting, 2 inner combs & a drawstring making them lightweight & secure, with a comfy, customizable fit. Drawstring ponytails are especially great for high ponytail looks, babes with longer or thicker hair who may have a harder time blending their natural hair with our wrap ponytails, and for babes with curly hair.


INH Babe @_meagangreen in Maddy ponytail


For more information on drawstring ponytail extensions, read our guide here.


  • Wigs

Our wigs are made with our signature INFINI-FLEX™ hair fibers, for affordable yet luxurious options. Applying them takes 3 easy steps. Pro tip: for the most beginner styles, choose a wig with bangs! The wigs with bangs are precut and have no visible hairline, so it requires no extra steps to make it look natural! All of our hand-tied wigs styles (no bangs) are lace front, meaning there is enough lace for you to cut & custom fit so that it looks natural with your hairline.


INH Babe @bris.mehmeti in Henny wig


For more information on wigs, read our guide here

What are the easiest hair extensions to apply yourself?

We recommend clip-in hair extensions for beginners! They are the easiest extensions you’ll ever use. They’re secure and discreet unlike halos bands. At INSERT NAME HERE, we have a range of clip-in options. 


How do you apply U clip-in extensions?

The U-Clip is a proprietary design that you’ll only find at INSERT NAME HERE. It’s one full hair piece that combines a half wig and clip-in hair extensions. It evenly distributes the weight across your scalp with 8 clips and instantly adds full bodied volume and length. You get the full effect with minimal effort & more comfort. It only takes 2 steps! Just section your hair in a horseshoe U-shape around the crown of your head and then place the U-Clip around the horseshoe section, securing the clips from the top down. They blend super seamlessly with your natural hair!



  • Clip-In Bangs 

You can secure clip-in bangs in your hair in a snap. Our Zooey bangs are made of 100% Remy Human Hair extensions and are one of our most customizable & loved products. We suggest clip-in bangs for people who want more volume and density near their hairline– or to change their look in a simple way, without the impulsive use of scissors.


INH Babe @butttacup in Liane ponytail and Zooey bangs



For more information on our Zooey bangs, read our guide here


  • Clip-in Bun 

Like the drawstring ponytails, Clip-in bun hair extensions have soft breathable netting, 2 inner combs & a drawstring– making them lightweight & secure, with a comfy, customizable fit. They're a perfect way to boost your bun game. They can be instantly clipped over your existing bun to upgrade your updo. 



INH Babe @viewsfrom.themoon in dark brown Sammy clip-in bun


For more information on clip-in buns, read our guide here.



How do I choose the right color of hair extensions?

Making sure that the extensions you buy match your natural hair is super important. We have 3 easy, expert ways to get color matched from quizzes, to swatches, to free 24/7 consultations. And just to be safe, we include 1 tester piece with our products to make sure you have the shade that blends best with your hair! If you need help choosing the right color for cool, warm, neutral and olive skin tones, follow our guide here!


Can I wash, heat style, and dye hair extensions?

Both our 100% Remy human hair products and INFINI-FLEX™ hair can be heated up to 320 degrees (to preserve the quality of the hair and avoid damage). Style as you would your own hair! Our 100% Remy human hair extensions can also be dyed, but we suggest avoiding harsh chemicals or re-dying multiple times. Just like your real hair, coloring can damage the hair (try a semi-permanent color depositing conditioner instead!). Wondering how to care for your hair extensions? Check out our guide here for Remy hair & here for INFINI-FLEX™ hair.


What do the different weights of hair extensions mean?

When you see weights listed with hair extensions, this is how thick the set will be based on how much hair is attached to the wefts. Most companies will measure the weight of their extensions in grams. The higher the grams, the thicker the extensions will be. If you’re looking for a lighter weight option, look for fewer grams or hair extensions with multiple clip in wefts so you can determine how many you want to wear (half up half down extensions, ponytail extensions and bun extensions are great options for light weight hair extensions). 



How much do hair extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions varies depending on a lot of different factors including the type of hair extensions, the quality of the hair extensions (some low quality “human hair” is not pure and mixed with animal hair for ex.), the application method (salon or at home), the length and weight of the hair, and the hair color (mixed shades like highlights, balayage, ombre etc require expert craftsmanship and therefore cost more).

TLDR; Pricing varies by hair extension type. Bonded hair extensions (aka keratin bond extensions) are easily the most expensive, starting at $2000 for the application. Wigs can be $20-$2000+. When it comes to clip-ins, ​​you can expect to pay anywhere between $20-$80+ USD for synthetic hair, and anywhere between $100-$500+ USD for real human hair.

How long do hair extensions last?


It depends on many factors like how they are cared for, how often they are worn, how they are stored etc. We say that both our Remy pure human hair extensions and INFINI-FLEX™ hair extensions can last for years of styling because of their high-quality craftsmanship, evidenced by how many customers (including our founders) own and wear styles from when we launched over 4 years ago. 


Can I wear my hair extensions every day?

We made all of INSERT NAME HERE hair to give you endless options for your hair. If you want length one day and a short hairstyle the next we have you covered! Hair extensions are the perfect choice for adding length and volume, whether it's for a formal occasion or for a confidence boost every day! That said, we do not recommend wearing extensions while sleeping, swimming or taking a shower, as it may tangle in with your hair and cause damage to both your hair and your extensions. Our extensions can be easily inserted into your hair or removed in a matter of minutes, but don’t forget to give your hair a break from tight hairstyles. 

If you have any questions, feel free to DM us or comment any questions you may have. We’re always here to help!

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