Remy Human Hair



Remy Human Hair- Lite

18" mid-length extensions with natural waves

From  $189 USD

Remy Human Hair - Medium

20" long extensions with natural waves

From  $239 USD

New Shades


Remy Human Hair - Lux

22" extra-long extensions with natural waves

From  $278 USD

Flame Fighter

moisturizing heat protectant

$18 USD

Super Shine Serum

hydrating finishing serum

$22 USD

Safety Kit

heat protectant + shine serum

$40.00 USD $36 USD

Survival Kit

heat protectant + detangling spray + shine serum

$65.00 USD $55.25 USD

Treat Yo'self with Women's Remy Extensions
When you're looking for a real human hair ponytail or volumising extension, it doesn't get better than Remy. The top tier of human hair, it's harvested from healthy hair in a way that preserves the cuticles. This means the cuticles all flow in the same direction, making tangling and matting way less likely. It also gives the hair a super glossy sheen. It's the natural look — but better.

Our Remy Human Hair Extensions are The Best of The Best
Allow us to brag for a sec — our Remy human hair extensions are seriously top tier. All of our hair is ethically sourced before being transformed into voluminous extensions that were made to add va-va-voom to your 'do. They're also made to last. We take special care of our Remy hair extensions, cold bleaching them to reduce the chance of damage. These extensions are pretty spenny, but that's because they're always 100% pure human hair. We never mix it with synthetic fibres or — ew — animal hair. And yes, that does happen.

Step Away from The Scissors: Grab Our Remy Human Hair Bangs Instead
Bangs are a bit like babies — they're super cute, but they're a huge commitment. Before you hit the salon and make that huge life change, try our Remy human hair bangs first. Feathered for a subtle look, they're hand-tied and have a sheer base so they easily blend in with your own hair. For best results, pop her in and go to your regular hair stylist. After promising them you didn’t cut your bangs yourself, ask them to give them a trim — you can get those blunt 1950's bangs you've always dreamed of, or just get a shape that frames your face perfectly.

Remy Human Hair to Suit Your Style
Girl, don't forget your roots! Our Remy human hair extensions come in a range of colors, from jet black to light blonde (via hues like chestnut, ginger and honey) so you can easily match it to your natural hair color. We know these hair extensions are a huge monetary commitment, so that's why we send out a small tester piece so you can make sure it's a match before clipping them in. With different lengths and styles to choose from, it's easy to find the right hair extensions for your style. And, as it only takes a little while to clip them in, it's way less time consuming than actually growing your hair.