How to Use a Bubble Wand

How to Use a Bubble Wand

Ready to add bounce and volume to your hair? Say hello to your new BFF: The hair Bubble Wand! This hot tool is about to revolutionize your styling routine, giving you those beachy Carrie Bradshaw spiral waves. 

INH Hair 3-in-1 Quick Change Styler - Bubble Wand


The Must Have Tool for Spiral Curls



INH Babe @olenaugccreator using Quick Change Styler Bubble Barrel


Prep Step

Before diving into styling, it's essential to prep your hair. Start by applying a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from heat damage.

Section, Section, Section

The secret to flawless heat styling lies in the way you section your hair. Section it with alligator clips and make sure each section is of similar thickness. This not only makes the styling process more manageable but also ensures that every strand gets the attention it deserves.

Heat Things Up

Time to use your bubble wand. Set it to the desired temperature based on your hair type & hair texture. Remember, low heat for fine hair and higher heat for thicker hair types. Allow the wand to heat up fully before getting down to business.

Get Your Bubble On

Here comes the fun part! Take a section of hair and wrap it around the bubble wand, starting from the base & working your way to the ends. Leave the ends slightly loose for that effortlessly boho chic look or go all the way to have a perm hair style without the chemicals. Hold for a few seconds, then release the curl gently. Repeat this process until all sections are styled to perfection.

Shake It Out

Once you've worked your magic with the bubble wand, spritz a lightweight shine hairspray & unleash those curls. Use your fingers to gently shake out the curls, giving them that tousled, lived-in look. For added volume and definition, flip your hair upside down and shake it a little bit.


Hairstyles you Can Get with a hair styling Bubble Wand

Boho Chic Spirals

 INH Babe @caseyjordann using 3-in-1 Quick Change Styler with Bubble Wand

Tousled Curls

INH Babe @thealyssamarieofficial using 3-in-1 Quick Change Styler with Bubble Wand


Mermaid Hair

INH Babe @alexnickole using 3-in-1 Quick Change Styler with Bubble Wand


Mermaid Bangs



 INH Babe @sunny.poudell using Quick Change Styler Bubble Barrel

Whether you're heading for a night out or just want to add volume, or perfect your curls, a bubble wand can be a great addition to your hair tool styling kit. Our bubble wand comes in a 3-in-1 Quick Change Styler, so you’ll get 3 tools for the price of one.

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