Using Extensions To Add Volume To Thin Hair

Using Extensions To Add Volume To Thin Hair

Hey Babes!

We know that sometimes to get great hair, you need a little help. While we weren’t all blessed with Rapunzel hair, that doesn’t mean we can’t fake it! Extensions are a great way to create the illusion of full, voluminous, and healthy hair. With all our different options, you are sure to find just what you need.

Remy human hair extensions are soft, smooth, and give you a natural but beautiful transformation. Our 18" and 20" extensions come with seven clip-in pieces, which allow you to add hair right where you need it. These extensions are perfect for those of us with thin or thinning hair. Having seven pieces also allows for you to place them strategically to achieve any looks. 

While the transformation will be visible, these extensions are so lightweight; you will forget you even have them in (we have even heard some of our babes sleeping in them)! Our extensions won’t pull on or weigh down your hair, which means no damage and endless volume!

If you have short to medium length hair and are looking just to add some extra volume and thickness our 18" inch clip-ins are perfect for daily wear and will give you the most natural look. 

The 20" set, will add the same beautiful volume as the 18" while giving you a little extra length. They are easy to apply and quickly take your look from 0-100.

 Beginner and experienced extension users alike will be blown away by our extensions. They are high quality, super easy to apply and blend easily with your existing har! No one will even know they are clip-ins!

Check out all our extension options here!

Need help color matching? Be sure to DM us on Instagram @insertnamehere, and, we will custom color match you. 

We just know you will fall in love with these extensions and how they transform your hair. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @insertnamehere so we can see your beautiful new look! 


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