Wig Inspo': How to Transform Your Halloween Wig into a Hot Everyday Look

Wig Inspo': How to Transform Your Halloween Wig into a Hot Everyday Look

Calling all the babes out there looking for ways to style your INSERT NAME HERE Halloween wigs long after October 31st...

Halloween is the one night where you can let your freak flag fly and this is prime time for the wigs to come out to play– but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used every day.

Stick around because your Halloween wigs are about to become your new everyday best friend! 

Not just for hallows eve or cosplaying– we are going to break down some easy ways to turn your Halloween wigs into cute day looks, perfect for any day of the year:



Want to be an iconic blonde this season?
An easy trick for a glam skeleton or Barbie Halloween hairstyle is to leave those bombshell waves be! Let the Halloween makeup do all the talking, but don’t be afraid to transform your Halloween wig a little more with fun HI-LITES.
Hint: Looking for a sleeker Halloween hairstyle? You can permanently straighten your wig with a flat iron.

How can I change my blonde Halloween wig into a quick & cute day-to-night look?
Try adding a cute headscarf or hat to make your everyday blonde wig looks pop! The hair accessory game this fall is all you need, and then all you have to do is take that hat off for another easy hairstyle.


image sources: @brittneykitty/@hackermistress

Get the look with TAYLOR



A black wig is a popular go-to when it comes to many different Halloween hairstyles.

Without having to put in a ton of time into your Halloween wig look, spice it up with some gems or clips for a cute 90s costume look. Try out some devil horns or a witchy hat if you're looking for an easy but spooky way to style your black Halloween wig. 


This makes it easy to style your Halloween wig day after day. Get your witch on and have the glossy Kim K look after October 31st. Style your Halloween wig with a headband or keep it even simpler by letting your long black wig be the statement for an everyday look. 


Have a black wig with a bit of bang action? Try sweeping those bangs to one side for a quick switch-up. 




image sources: @glampeaches/@stephhcardenas

Get the look with RAVEN



A hot and fiery Halloween wig with color can spice up any costume. You can do anything from a modern Princess Ariel to a foxy vampire. If you want a simple red wig Halloween hairstyle, go for a sleek red wig that can be transformed with a headband for a Velma look or space buns for a hot galaxy babe look!


When the next day rolls around, turn that hot-red wig into a low ponytail or braids for a quick do. Don’t be afraid to get creative and style your hot-red wig with some bubble braids for another cute day style that you can easily undo for a sleek, glam dinner look!


image sources: @stephhcardenas/@hackermistress

Get the look with IVY


Not ready to commit to the wigs? We've got you covered! Ponytails extensions are an easy Halloween wig hack that can work from an Ariana Grande to an alien princess costume. Ponytail extensions can create your costume look in seconds. If you feel like hopping on the pony train this Halloween, try using two for out-of-this-world monster braids.


What is the best part about ponytails for a Halloween wig dupe? Any month, any day, any time–  ponytail extensions are a perfect day-to-night accessory that stays looking fab all day, every day. Change up your ponytail extensions by exploring different textured ponytail extensions to add a little edge to your everyday look.


image sources: @michcaroline/@Fryncesca

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5. FOR OUR 90’S BABE 🏁

If you are a retro babe, then this is your moment. This Halloween, get your Baywatch on and let that 90s dream hair come to life! Decide which character is going to rock those statement curls. A Halloween wig with big curls can achieve any costume desire from Cruella to a disco queen. 


If you aren’t ready to put away the curls after October 31st, a quality wig like our Pamela wig can serve some iconic everyday looks this fall. A wig like this is great for all you babes looking for the wig to be the statement without having to do much else than put it on.


image source: @glambyjer/ @stephhcardenas

Get the look with PAMELA

Wigs are the best for when you need a quick way to spice up your Halloween hairstyle or an easy day-to-night look.

Ready to try out the best wigs this spooky season and every day after that?

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These styles are made to last and can be dressed up or down.
Simply brush to soften the style, or if you want to reset-- spray with water and shake/snap to revive the original style.

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