How to Find the Right Haircut For Your Age

How to Find the Right Haircut For Your Age

Are you thinking of getting a new haircut, babe? You’re in the right place!

First of all, is there a perfect haircut for every age? Yes, and no. The reason is we believe in wearing whatever makes you happy & makes you feel confident. But some haircuts fit better in different life stages; that’s why the term “mom hair” is so popular, but let’s face it, it’s almost 2023, and anyone can wear whatever they feel like. 

Check every hairstyle & remember, feel free to cut your hair according to your needs & personal preferences.


Popular Haircuts for Teens



@makeupbybia At home butterfly hair cut! Never going back to a hair salon now! #butterflycut #butterflyhaircut #hairtok #howtocutlayers #haircuttutorial #layers #howtocutlayers ib: @Brad Mondo & @Destiny ♬ Calm Down - Rema & Selena Gomez



Haircut: Butterfly cut. Video sourced by @makeupbybia


When you’re younger, most of your confidence rests in having long hair because it relates to femininity & being girly. Usually, teenagers prefer to wear long hair & they typically don’t go above the shoulder. 


INH team recommends these haircuts & tips:

•  Butterfly cut 
•  The shag
•  Add length with Xtra Inches & achieve the perfect mermaid hair
•  Create layers with u-clip hair extensions
•  Try the bob experience without the compromise of cutting your hair with Poppy or Billie

The Best Haircut For Women in their 20’s



Haircut: Wolf Cut. Video sourced by @finedaytodye

When you’re a young adult & you’re entering new life challenges, you probably will be looking for business hairstyles for women that fit better into your 9-5 without forgetting about the fun in life after working hours.

INH team recommends these haircuts & tips:

 • Octopus haircut
 • Wolf cut
 • Wispy bangs
 • Do the perfect bun with Sammy
  • Get the best ponytail in less than 60 seconds with Jordynn, Shayla & Lola
 • Add hair accessorieshair chains, hi-lites, buns, or a braid band to transform your look after work


    The Best Haircut For Women in their 30’s




    Haircut: blunt bob. Video sourced by @chica_ruch


    In your 30s, your hair begins to age. The things you do for your hair during this period will reflect on your next life stage. Do your scalp care & when you use hot tools, use a heat protectant. Since many women feel more confident about themselves, they start wearing medium-length hair and dare to try new hair colors and shapes. 


    INH team recommends these haircuts & tips:


    • Mid-cut

    • Shaggy bowl cut

    • Blunt bob

    • Wear Savanna to be a redhead long hair babe one day, and Julia to be a bob with bangs hottie the other. 

    • Cut your bangs or apply clip-in bangs

    • Get the right allies for your hair


    The Best Haircut For Women in their 40’s





    Haircut: Curtain Bangs. Video sourced by @hirohair


    It is best to let your personality drive your hairstyle at this stage. Ask your hairstylist to do a hairstyle that will soften your features and will frame your face. Remember, you don’t have to go short in your 40s, but medium-length or short haircuts are great for looking fresh & lovely. 

    INH team recommends these haircuts & tips:


     Soft bob

    • Curtain bangs

     Chanel haircut

    • Keep your hair shiny, and nourished with a hydrating finishing serum

    • Add customizable volume to your hairstyle with clip in Remy extensions

    • Sleep with a satin pillowcase to avoid frizz


    The Best Haircut For Women in their 50’s



    @itslauraribeiro I love it #pixie #pixiehaircut #veryshorthair #haircut #hairstyle ♬ 오리지널 사운드 - 이시영



    Haircut: Pixie Cut. Video sourced by @itslauraribeiro


    If you’re a middle-aged woman, you can try any style you want if your hair is healthy. Want to try a new hair color? Go for it! Styled it differently? Of course, you can! Many hairstylists agree that hair-lifting haircuts deliver a rejuvenating optical effect. That’s why many women in their 50s decide to go short & try a pixie cut or bixie cut. Think Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.


     Pixie cut 

     Textured bob

     90’s Blowout

     Add a scalp serum to your hair care routine

     Wear an extra-long ponytail if you miss your long hair

     Style your hair in 4 ways with half up half down extensions



    The Best Haircut For Women After Their 60’s





    Haircut: Collarbone Cut. Video sourced by


    A good pixie requires little to no effort & that’s why it is so convenient; it also highlights your cheekbones & the upper third part of your face. It is great if you decide to cut your hair short, but you can also do long hair; it works perfectly for certain features like round-faced or oval-faced babes. Like Andie Macdowell, every time she steps on a red carpet confirms that we can all still wear long hair in our 60s. 


    No matter your haircut, we know you’ll look gorgeous, babe! Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook, and use the hashtag #INHBabe.

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