How To Do The Barbiecore Trend

How To Do The Barbiecore Trend

Remember when you were younger and all you wanted to do was style your Barbies? It’s 2022, and now it’s you who can dress up however makes you happy #dopaminedressing. Cue Barbiecore, the vibrant & nostalgic way to have unapologetic fun with your style. 

In case you missed it, Margot Robbie is starring in the new Barbie movie, set to release in 2023. And since pictures of her in the iconic pink convertible came out in late April, this summer's Barbiecore trend has made it very clear — pink is the new black. 




From Lizzo wearing a hot pink Valentino dress (Valentino’s creative director dedicated his entire fall 2022 collection to hot pink, which was developed in collaboration with Pantone), accompanied by pink gloves & pumps with a beautiful Barbie ponytail to Anne Hathaway sporting Barbiecore fashion with a shiny pink turtleneck minidress with a matching pink purse & platform heels...

One thing is for sure, everyone is channeling their inner Barbie. 

Pink mini dresses have seen a 970% increase and pink swimsuits have seen a 682% increase in the past six months. Pinterest also reported that their site has seen a 75% search increase in "Barbie Outfit." Meanwhile in the hair space, Barbie Ponytail is a trending search. 

So how do you achieve the Barbiecore aesthetic?


1. Monochromatic Pink from head to toe


When sporting Barbiecore, a cohesive pink is essential. This picture of a pink-themed Kim Kardashian is a prime example. We recommend a bold pink dress or a two piece set in the same hue.


2. More is More accessories


If you’re looking for a fun yet simple way to dress the Barbiecore trend, we recommend one of Barbie’s favorite things to do — accessorize. The more vibrant, the better. Our Barbie x INH collection can help you there.




3. Go glam & get nostalgic with hair and makeup


For a final touch on the Barbiecore look, go out all with your hair and makeup. Our pink wig Penny is the cherry on top. And if you’d rather paint your hair yourself, our semi permanent hair color in the color pink is perfect, too. 





But even in all the fun, Barbie reminds of something we hold dear here at INH. When you change up your look with Barbie hair & Barbie accessories, you are expressing yourself in an empowering way. 

Barbie didn’t just change the way we look at fashion and hair. She changed the way we look at careers & meaningful friendships. She reminds us that we can be whoever we want while also being loyal & kind. Barbie always looks out for her friends & we will always look out for our Babes. 

If you need help channeling your own inner Barbie, our new Barbie x INH collection has you covered

In the words of Barbie herself, remember that you can be anything.

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