Hi, I'm: Penny
Hi, I'm: Penny
Hi, I'm: Penny

Hi, I'm: Penny

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Hi, I'm Penny
Ashley O, who? With our magenta bob wig Penny, you'll be the star of any room. If her bright color and metallic pink highlights aren't enough to keep all eyes on you, her voluminous waves and cute curtain bangs sure are.

Party Like A Rock Star in Our Magenta Wavey Wig
Penny combines "I-woke-up-like-this" waves with seriously party-ready color. It might look effortless, but getting hair this laid-back isn't so simple IRL. That's why this wavey wig is perfect. She's designed to be super comfortable, and is made from high-quality Japanese fibers. They look and act like real hair, but are super lightweight and breathable. That means Penny keeps you cool all the way from brunchtime mimosas to after-party junk food. What a gal

Penny: The Perfect Magenta Bob Wig
We love playing around with hair color. We don't love the damage bleach does to our hair, though — or how quickly the bright dyes can fade. With Penny, you don't have to worry about any of that. Instead of spending hours in the salon trying to get the perfect color, you just need to slip her on over your natural hair. Give her a little fluff with your fingers and you're good to go. Instant magenta hair for Friday night, and back to your natural color for Monday morning. The perfect alter-ego.



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