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Time to glow up!

Achieve the sleek straight hair gem look in no time with our easy-to-wear hair jewelry. Our hotfix hair technology ensures long-lasting wear without any damage or sticky residue. 

Our INH Digital Nano Flat Iron is the real deal when it comes to taking your styling skills to the next level. With Ionic Nano Soft Heat Technology and one-pass floating plates, you can achieve those photo-worthy sleek styles in no time flat.

    1 pack of Hair Gems (varying in sizes) includes 73 gems per pack


    1 INH Digital Nano Flat Iron


      No residue

      No glue, pulling or stickiness.

      No damage
      Easy to apply, effortless to remove

      Long lasting hair accessories
      Through rain or shine– style and wear your waterproof gems for days, perfect for special occasions and festivals.

      Customizable look
      The perfect festival hair accessories. Cut out shapes, patterns, streaks, or embellish your strands with just a few gems– the placement and amount is up to you!


      Ionic Technology. Iconic Results: Does your old flat iron leave your mane feeling majorly parched? We’ve got more hydrated hair down to a science. The INH Digital Nano Flat Iron has ceramic plates with Soft Heat Technology.

      Made for gentler styling: Negative ions are delivered to every strand– helping to eliminate frizz, lock in moisture, and support healthier-looking hairstyles that last longer.

      Flat out the best press for your tresses: Introducing a new type of heater: MCH (metal-ceramic). Highly energy efficient with excellent insulation performance, it saves 20%-30% more power.

        • Unplug Insert XL Curls Here and allow it to cool before you start to clean it.
        • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after the device has cooled.
        • Do NOT use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.
        • Store in a dry and cool place.
        • See Manual for other safety advice.

        Check out our How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to use INH Digital Nano Flat Iron.

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        Real INH Babes

        • Sleek & Shine Set
        • Sleek & Shine Set
        • Sleek & Shine Set
        • Sleek & Shine Set

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I use flat iron while traveling?

        Yes! The INH Digital Nano Flat Iron has travel-friendly worldwide voltage. With a converter for this North American plug, you can totally get hair goals from anywhere!

        Can I adjust the heat of this flat iron?

        Yes! The INH Digital Nano Flat Iron has a digital screen for control and ease. With rapid heating from 160°F up to a professional temp of 450°F, you can effortlessly create your dream styles in no time.

        What temperature should I use to flat iron my hair?

        Our INH Digital Nano Flat Iron can get hot AF (up to 450℉!). Here’s our recommended temperatures for each hair type: 


        FINE, THIN, OR DAMAGED HAIR: 320-340 ℉

        NORMAL, MEDIUM, HEALTHY HAIR: 340-360 ℉

        THICK, COARSE, CURLY HAIR: 360-430 ℉


        450℉ setting is recommended for professional use.

        How do I apply my hair gems?

        1. Cut the desired size & shape of your hair gem strip, remove the backingCut the desired size & shape of your hair gem strip, remove the backing

        2. Set the gems on a section of your hair in the desired location, with the clear label side facing outward

        3. Use the INH Digital Nano Flat Iron to apply heat on each individual hair gem for about 3-5 seconds (go one by one pressing each stone)

        4. Remove the clear label

        The result: gorgeous shining streaks of hair gems that can last 3-10 days.

        How do I remove my hair gems?

        Your hair gems should last through several shampoos and gentle brushing, eventually falling out by themselves. To extend the life of your gems, avoid conditioning the areas where they’re applied.


        If you’d like to remove sooner, saturate the area with conditioner or hair oil, let it soak in for a few minutes, and rub gently until the gem detaches. Do not pull or pick off dry, unconditioned hair.

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          INH Digital Nano Flat Iron
          INH Digital Nano Flat Iron
          I recommend this product
          Rated 5 out of 5 stars
          2 months ago
          What I really wanted

          I was looking for a flat iron and I brought the babyliss prima3000 and was so happy that o got it in a great deal to b honest I did not like it as much as I thought . after a week my sister got me INH FLAT IRON as a gift and I was like whatever I will return it because it has gift receipt , but I was like let me give it a try , I love trying new things so after blow drying my hair I put my babyliss on ans INH flat iron on and OMG ONE PASS one side and the other one on the other side and I knew which one I’m returning back! The BABLYLISS that cost $189 from Amazon and keeping the INH, I don’t know why I did not find any review on YouTube and here this is a hidden GEM, one pass and my hair was sparkly shiny with no oils serums or anything , my hair is dry and split ends disappeared I’m so happy o tried it I would’ve regret doing this forever thank you for an amazing tool and I hope it keep working the same wa

        • J
          Sleek & Shine Set
          Sleek & Shine Set
          I recommend this product
          Rated 5 out of 5 stars
          2 months ago
          So impressed with the quality

          My friend borrowed my GHD and I needed something in a rush so bought this with my pony for a wedding. I.AM.SHOOOK. at this quality. It is by far better than my GHD. It says no tug and it means it. It floats through my hair. So so impressed. Great work inh

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