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Give your hair a light lift! Our hair-raising baby peach velcro hair rollers and 100% pure Remy Human Hair extensions are here to take your hair to new heights. Our Remy Hair extensions are light, soft and perfect for natural looking added density and length. Achieve fluffy 90s blowouts & hair volume like never before– the possibilities are endless.

Warning: our hair roller & remy human hair extensions bundle may cause excessive hair flips, compliments, and an uncontrollable urge to recreate iconic 90s looks.

1 INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers

12 pc multi-pack of thermal velcro hair rollers
Size: 1.5" (4 x small), 2"(4 x med), 2.36" (4 x large)
Reusable Travel Storage Pouch

1 Remy Human Hair Extensions Medium

Length: 20 inches | 45 cm
Weight: 160 grams
Style: Natural wave

tester piece to make sure you have the shade that blends best with your hair

Every package comes with 7 wefts: one 10", one 8", one 6", two 4", and two 3" pieces

1 reusable satin storage bag to preserve & protect your INSERT NAME HERE hair

      Remy Human Hair Extensions Medium

      INH Remy extensions are the highest quality hair extensions on the market

      Clip-in Remy extensions add length & volume without causing any damage to your natural hair

      Our Remy human hair is ethically sourced and manufactured with verified distributors practicing ethical and sustainable methods

      You can cut & heat style your Remy hair extensions up to 320°F

      Our Remy extensions are investment pieces expected to last up to 3x longer than other brands with proper care

      INH Mega Volume Hair Rollers

      Fluffy 90’s blowouts: Creates long lasting bouncy frizz free blowouts

      Crank up the volume: add long-lasting lift at the roots—great for fine, flat, or thin hair!

      Ceramic coated core: evenly distributes heat, reduces frizz, sets curls & cools for faster styling & reduced blow-dry time

      Effortless sectioning & setting:
       forget about creases, our heat roller set comes with styling clips for easy styling

      Beginner friendly & easy to use: self-gripping velcro delivers a fuss-free hold, our hair rollers are easy to apply & deliver no-pull, damage-free removal

      If properly cared for, your Remy hair extensions will last for years of styling. In fact, our extensions can last up to 3x longer than other brands!

      Here’s how to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible:

      - Brush before & after wear
      - Store in the included reusable satin storage bag or on your Hang Hair Here
      - Keep your hair pieces tangle-free & looking brand new with Emergency Revival Spray

      Check out our How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to care for your Remy hair extensions.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How to use hair rollers?

      1. Section mostly dry hair

      2. Place the roller at your roots

      3. Brush upward towards the tips

      4. Then roll back down toward the roots: secure using the included styling clip.

      5. If hair is damp, install your rollers & activate the thermal roller with a blow dryer– leave in until hair is fully dry. 

      6. If hair is dry you may create volume with INSERT BLOWOUT HERE or INSERT XL CURLS HERE hot tools before applying the roller & setting the section.

      7. Remove the roller by gently sliding it out the side of curl & twisting to finish 

      What makes these hair rollers special?

      Our hair roller set creates fluffy 90s blowouts & hair volume like never before. The ceramic coated core evenly distributes heat, reduces frizz, sets curls & cools for faster styling & reduced blow-dry time. INH hair rollers are self-gripping velcro delivers a fuss-free hold that delivers no-pull & damage-free removal. Our hair roller set includes styling clips for simpler sectioning & setting.

      How long should I leave my hair rollers in?

      After applying heat, leave your hair rollers in for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the curls you desire.

      Can I use these thermal hair rollers to style my bangs?

      Yes, you can! We suggest small-medium sizes for your bangs and face-framing layers.

      Should I use the velcro hair rollers if my hair is wet?

      We recommend using these heatless thermal rollers with damp or mostly dry hair & blow dry to set the style once the curlers are in. 

      What is Remy Hair?

      Our 100% Remy human hair can last for years and is considered the highest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact & are maintained in one direction throughout the hair making process. This prevents abrasion, tangling, shedding and damage which you may find in non-Remy hair extensions. The result is top grade natural looking and feeling human hair that is smooth, silky and shiny. Unlike other brands, our Remy hair is held to the highest quality standards and is never mixed with animal hair or other synthetic hair. We exclusively work with distributors who have been vetted and verified to operate ethical and sustainable practices.

      Extensions may seem intimidating, but they’re actually very easy to apply! Let’s tackle it step-by-step.

      How to apply Remy Hair extensions?

      Step 1
      1. Start with dry, tangle-free hair. Take the very top (crown) of your hair & put in a top knot.
      2. From the bottom up, section the lower part of your hair in the nape area leaving about 1 - 2”  of your hair down. Apply the 6” weft.
      3. Section a thin layer of hair just above your bottom section & repeat step 2 for the 8” from ear to ear and 10” weft from temple to temple with your hair sandwiched in between.

      Step 2
      1. Place the 4” weft each side above your ear or at a comfortable area that you feel blends best. Repeat this process with the 3” wefts at sides just below the crown.
      2. Now release the top knot hair down, part as desired, brush your hair for a seamless blend.

      Note: follow our How To Apply Remy Hair Youtube Tutorial

      Pro Tips
      For extra hold, use a little bit of hairspray near the sectioned roots, then tease your hair with a fine tooth comb in the areas where the clips will be. Let the hairspray dry before you clip in your extensions.

      If you want to add curls or waves, we recommend you style your hair first and then style the extensions separately before applying to prevent tangling.

      Every package comes with 7 wefts: one 10", one 8", one 6", two 4", and two 3" pieces. The 7th piece is the tester piece in the top pouch. Make sure your hair is the right color by clipping the tester onto the side of your head to test the blend. We cannot accept returns once you've opened the full set and broken the security tie.

      Can I wear my Remy Hair extensions everyday?

      We made all of INSERT NAME HERE hair to give you endless options for your hair. If you want length one day and a short hairstyle the next we have you covered! Hair extensions are the perfect choice for adding length and volume, whether it's for a formal occasion or for a confidence boost every day!

      That said, we do not recommend wearing extensions while sleeping, swimming or taking a shower, as it may tangle in with your hair and cause damage to both your hair and your extensions.

      Can I heat style, color, bleach, or tone my hair extensions?

      Our 100% Remy human hair products can be heated up to 320 degrees. Style as you would your own hair! Our 100% Remy human hair can also be dyed by a professional,  but we suggest avoiding at home coloration, harsh chemicals, or re-dying multiple times. Just like your real hair, coloring can damage the hair (try a semi-permanent color depositing conditioner instead!)