How to Use your Insert XL Curls Here

Benefits of Using INH Hair Tools

Elevate your hair kit with our essential hot tools
Our versatile & stylish multi-use salon-grade hot tools will quickly become your go-to styling bestie. Made to achieve the latest trends at home!

Styling has never been easier or faster
Our styling tools are hot AF & heat up quick, allowing you to control the temp with various heat settings for long-lasting volume.

Most of our hot tools, like our curling iron & our hair waver, have ionic technology to keep your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny.

Practice safe styling
INH hair tools have auto shut-off included for peace of mind.

Beginner friendly Cut out the guesswork with our easy-to-use temperature control. All our hair styling tools are travel-friendly, lightweight & ergonomic with a tangle-free 360° swivel cord. Built for simplicity and even heat distribution for hot styles minus the stress.

Satisfaction guarantee
You’re covered with a worry-free 1-year manufacturers warranty

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How to clean hair styling tools

1. Keep the hot tool in a dry & safe space
2. Remove any loose hairs after every use
3. Do not immerse in water
4. Use a semi- damp cloth (not wet & dripping) to wipe the hot tool
5. Avoid using any harsh cleaning agents
6. See manual for other safety advice

How to store hair tools

When it comes to storing hot tools such as curling irons, straighteners, or hot brushes, it's important to handle them with care to prevent accidents and damage. Here are some guidelines for storing hot tools safely:

1. Allow sufficient cooling time: Before storing a hot tool, ensure that it has completely cooled down.

2. Cable management: Properly manage the cords of your hot tools to prevent tangling and potential damage.

3. You can use a stand or holder or keep it inside the INH box once it has cooled down.

4. Store in a safe location: choose a safe location to store your hot tools, away from children, pets, and flammable materials. Avoid placing your babes on surfaces that can be easily damaged by heat, such as wood or plastic.