conditoner that colors your hair

Vegan & cruelty free

Free of sulfates, parabens & ammonia

Loaded with Vitamins A & E

Ultra conditioning

Fades Beautifully and Gradually


Suitable for all hair types



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Why our Hair color is better



Conditions and protects hair

No harsh chemicals

Full coverage and washes out gracefully


Damages and dries out hair

Too many chemicals we can’t pronounce

May leave streaky, uneven color

Are the Insert Color Here semi permanent hair colors cruelty free?

Yes. The founders of INH are passionate about this topic and we always make sure our furry friends are protected at all costs.

Are they Vegan?

Yes. Our semi permanent hair colors do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are vegan-friendly.

Are there harsh ingredients in the product?

No. All of our semi permanent hair colors are sulfate and paraben free. Our main protein ingredient is extracted from seeds that are also known as Superfoods.

Will this damage my hair?

Insert Color Here is gentle, deposit-only color that does not damage your hair. The conditioning formula is made with vegan ingredients. If you wish to bleach your hair for a brighter color payoff, we advise you to see a professional, as DIY bleaching may cause damage to your hair.

How will a color look on my hair?

a. We have 5 different color swatches on our website that you can compare your own hair to. Decide which category your current hair color fits and see the possible hue that will be the result.

b.The hair colors contain a higher pigment and deliver a more saturated/brighter color result to pre-bleached platinum to medium blonde hair. For naturally dark blonde to light/medium brown hair, the result is a colored tint.

How long does the color last?

Insert Color Here fades gradually with every wash, but the number of washes depends on various factors. Use a clarifying shampoo to fade color faster. *Darker shades may take longer to fade.

How can I remove the hair color?

Use a clarifying shampoo and wash your hair frequently until the color fades out. For complete removal, consult with your professional hair stylist.

Can I use Insert Color Here on my Remy human hair products?

Yes Absolutely! Don’t want to color your hair? Then get creative with coloring the Remy clip-in’s and blend with your hair for a two-tone effect. Color the Remy extensions full coverage or rainbow sections using different shades or as highlights! Insert Color Hair is versatile so you can be the artist!

When will I receive my product?

After placing an order, it will take about 2-5 business days for processing and 3-8 business days for delivery. Can’t wait? Neither can we!

Does this promo work with other codes?

No. This one-of-a-kind offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

How will it look when it starts to fade?

Eventually, the color will become a lighter version of the color you chose. But if your underlying original hair color had orange due to uneven bleaching, the fade out color may look copperish or greenish, depending on the shade. Make sure you have evenly bleached hair from the start. For tints on dark hair, the color will fade out to your natural color.

Ok, I want to try this! How do I apply this color?

a. Materials to prepare:
i. Gloves, applicator brush, clips, bowl, & an old t-shirt or cape.

b.Cover all surfaces and clothing you do not want to get hair dye on. (tip: alcohol wipes just in case you get color on surfaces. immediately wipe off for less stains)
i. For best results, start with clean, unconditioned, dry hair. Full Coverage works best with pre-bleached platinum to pale blonde hair. 
ii. Wear protective gloves and pour the desired amount into a bowl. 
iii. Section hair into 4 even sections (front to back and side to side) and secure with clips. Work in  1” wide strands. Apply color evenly from root to tip with applicator brush.
iv. Begin at the root of the hair, applying color evenly through to the ends. Massage each strand with fingers, root to tip, to ensure even distribution of color. 
v. Leave color in for 30 to 45 minutes. No heat/cap required. For more intense, longer-lasting results, leave color in for 1 hour. Don't worry, Insert Color Here has a conditioning formula, it will not damage your hair. vi. Rinse hair in cool to lukewarm water until hair feels clean. More intense shades may not rinse clear for the first few washes. Do not shampoo. Conditioner is optional. 

How long do you leave it in for?

We recommend leaving Insert Color Here for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on desired results.

Will Insert Color Here cover my grays?

While there’s a chance that Insert Color Here might cover your grays, it is not guaranteed. Our conditioning semi permanent hair colors are deposit-only, which means that naturally gray or white strands can sometimes prevent color from depositing.

Can I use more than one color at a time?

a. We recommend using different colors on different strands. You can mix the shades to achieve a different shade but please note we do not recommend mixing darker/deeper shades together.

b. Tip: We recommend mixing a small batch together and testing to ensure you like the resulting shade.

How do I transition to a new color?

If you wish to transition to another color, we recommend a slow transition as the color fades out. For faster transitions, we would recommend that the next color you choose be darker than the previous color, to cover any potential fadeout discoloration. For the most vivid effect, wait until your current color completely fades out.

Does this ship internationally?

Unfortunately, no. We are currently only shipping domestically in the U.S.

Am I allowed to return or exchange this product?

Insert Color Here will be Final Sale during this promotion. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at, and we will do our best to help you!

How much is it?

Insert Color Here is FREE with promo code for a limited time only. Just pay shipping!

Can I add other items to this order?

Yes, you may add other items to your order however customers will be responsible for any shipping and handling costs for additional items added to cart.