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What’s the difference between a tester piece & a color swatch?

Tester Piece: The tester piece is the single weft included in all of our ponytail, half up-half down, U-clip and Remy hair extensions–so you can see if the color is a good match before you open it up & try it on. 

Color Swatch: Check the blend, before making a hairpiece purchase. If you are unsure what color to buy in the first place, purchasing a color swatch might be the right move for you! Babes located in the U.S. & Canada can choose from our range of shade sample swatches.

Will I get an exact color match?

Your best blend may not be an identical, uniform match, here’s why:

Hair colors have nuances. There are four main hair colors: blonde, brunette, red & black– but these colors can vary slightly in tone/tint to create a large variety of different shades. For example, blonde color can be combined with cooler tones to produce shades like ash blonde or champagne blonde. Whether your hair color is what you were born with, or it’s been dyed in a salon– your unique shade is a mix of light & dark tones. 

Our hair extensions undergo a complex coloring process & are made with subtle highlights (lighter strands) & lowlights (darker strands) for movement & depth. Our multi-tonal shades are created to complement & blend with a variety of hair colors for a dimensional look.

What if I don’t like the shade swatch I choose?

We want you to love your section. If you don't— one of our professionals will consult with you to find a shade swatch solution you do love.Note: All swatches are final sale.

Why does my Remy hair color match look different than the swatches?

At this time we are only offering shade samples for our INFINI-FLEX™ hair since it cannot be DIY custom dyed easily like our Remy hair. Our Remy & INFINI-FLEX™ shades are slightly different in hue, due to the dying process.

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