Why You Need Extensions

Hey there Babes!

Here is the question - why do you need extensions?

Have you ever wanted to feel like a baddie but you are lost where to start? Well look no further than our extensions. There is nothing that will make you feel more like a boss babe then our 100% remy human hair extensions. Our 10 piece clip in extensions set will take any look to the next level. The 10 clips allow you to perfectly place each piece so you can switch up your part and how much volume you want. With 3 different lengths to choose from we guarantee we can help you achieve the look that is right for you. If you aren’t sure which length will be right for you DON’T WORRY just click here for tips and tricks on picking the best extensions for your hair type and length!

Adding Length and Volume

Long and short hair babes alike will see a notable difference. Whether you want volume, length or just a new look our remy extensions will not disappoint. Because we offer three different lengths it’s up to you just how fabulous you are trying to be. Since our extensions are real human hair you can straighten, curl, wave, crimp or even dye them. The possibilities are endless so you can let your creativity and hair run wild. Just look how the 22 inch lux extensions totally transform Louise Barnard!

Creating an Ombré 

If length and volume isn’t enough of a transformation you can go a shade or two lighter to create an ombre effect. An ombré can take your long locks from chic to boho in no time. Not only will you avoid having to spend hours in the salon chair the only up keep this ombré requires is storing your extensions. I don’t know about you but, saving time and money while also not damaging my hair sounds like a win.

Looks on Looks on Looks

While you are going to want your hair down to show off your new locks the extensions can also be used to add thickness to low ponies, braids and pigtails. Our extensions are the secret weapon you have been looking for to get that Pinterest worthy hair. The extra hair allows for you to experiment and achieve the looks you only dreamed of your hair being able to do. 

The versatility of these extensions allows you to dress them down for daily wear or even dress them up for formal occasions. For a less volumouness daily look, play around only using some of the clips. By not using all 10 clips you will still get the length with just a little less volume. My extensions have made an appearance at my sorority bid day, college formals, and even my job. No matter where you are though your hair will be the envy of everyone at your event. 

Personal Experience 

While I originally got my extensions to transform into an ethereal fairy I have found myself wearing them frequently. My motto is if I look good I feel good and let me tell you, nothing makes me feel better than 22 inches of soft beautiful hair. Heads will be turned by these extensions and you better get ready for all the compliments you will receive. 

These extensions are the only extension I have ever owned and will ever need to own. The extensions are so easy to apply yet create a drastic transformation. In under 10 minutes you can go from boring straight hair to long mermaid locks with volume for days.  Whether you are staying in or or dressing up for the grocery store you are going to want to check these extensions out and change your hair game forever.

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