Last-Minute Lazy Girl Y2K Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Last-Minute Lazy Girl Y2K Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means? It's time to get your costume game on! But, like, if you've been chilling & left it to the last minute, no stress, we got you covered with some Halloween costume ideas that are totally trending this Fall 2023.

These are easy-peasy, super chill, and totally in tune with what's hot on TikTok.




INH Babe @leahudscn. Opt for Alix for your Barbiecore hair.

Did you watch the Barbie movie? What are we saying’, ofc you watched it, everybody did! The beauty of Barbiecore is that you have SO many options. You can go as a cowgirl Barbie, roller skating Barbie, President Barbie, weird Barbie, and so much more. Your friend group could even go as different types of Barbies & Kens. Or, you could even go as Ken, think, Mojo Dojo Casa House. 

Taylor Swift

@ashleyburdette halloween bejeweled edition 💎 @taylorswift #swifttok #tsmidnights #bejeweled #bejeweledtaylorswift #bejeweledtransition #halloweenlook #swiftie #bejeweledmakeup #halloweencostume ♬ bejeweled transition - theo (taylor’s version)

TikTok video sourced by @ashleyburdette

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour was epic, and her vibes are spilling into Halloween. Swifties, it's your time to shine. You can transform your favorite Taylor Swift Era into a Halloween costume. You’ll need a blond wig or hair extensions for that extra volume, a cute outfit, and don’t forget about the iconic red lip. There's a bunch of inspo on TikTok, so don't forget to check it out. Also, if you decide to go as a couple, you’ll need a Kansas City Chiefs jersey. That’s all we’re saying.

The Little Mermaid


INH Babe @paceswest wearing Beach Waves XTRA Inches in shade champagne blonde

Mermaidcore is lit right now, especially after Disney dropped the live-action "Little Mermaid." Plus, it is super easy to do. You only need extra long mermaid beach waves & you’re good to join the underwater party!

The Addams Family



INH Babe @bunnyandfawn wearing the Jade wig

The Addams Family is timeless, and it's an OG choice for Halloween. Whether you're squad-ing up or going solo, Wednesday and Morticia Adams are the way to go. If you decide to go as Wednesday we suggest you go the extra mile with our extra long braided ponytail extensions. Wear Lara as braided pigtails, and you’ll be the most iconic Wednesday at the party. Or, if you’re going as Morticia, Raven will be the perfect fit for you.

Princess Diana

@micaraht Making Princess Diana’s iconic ~Revenge Dress~ in under an hour! #lastminutehalloweencostumes #princessdiana #diy ♬ Material Girl - Madonna
TikTok video sourced by @micaraht

Iconic AF! Princess Diana is still slaying the fashion game. You can rock her "revenge dress" or any other iconic outfit from her legendary life. Princess Di's style is fire, and you can keep her legacy alive with a killer Halloween look. Create the hair volume you need for your Princess Diana costume with Insert Waves Here.

Nepo Baby

Embrace the Meme! The "Nepo Baby" trend is all over social media, and it's hilarious. When Hailey Bieber rocked a Nepo Baby tee, the internet lost it. Just throw on a Nepo Baby tee like Hailey and keep it casual and on-trend. Achieve her straight hair laid-back look with Insert Blowout Here.

Daisy Jones & The Six



INH Babe @stella218 wearing Beach Waves Xtra Inches in Copper

Denim-on-denim and retro prints are back, babe! The '70s are making a major comeback, and it's all thanks to "Daisy Jones & The Six." You can rock a denim vest, flare jeans, or a boho mini dress - it's all about those groovy '70s vibes.

Ballet Dancers



INH Babes Rachel Dunklee (@racheldunklee), Sarah Gorman (@sarah_gorms), Camryn Humpert (@camrynhumpert), Olivia Weber (@olvia._weber._ ) wearing Dove. Photos by @nolan.lopezz and @madison.patel19

Balletcore was huge this 2023 & a ballerina halloween costume is such an easy & simple idea. If you’re in a hurry you only need leg warmers, a cute wrap around short skirt, a high ponytail & a cute bow. Wear Dove to recreate this look and ask your friends to join you in the last-minute fun. 

Super Mario Bros


@emma.mcdo Princess peach everyone 🍑😈 #halloween #costumeidea #princesspeach #costume #fyp ♬ Originalton - light3dits


TikTok Video sourced by Emma Macdonald @emma.mcdo

The Super Mario Bros. film dropped this year, and it's a nostalgia trip for '90s and 2000s kids. Get ready to see Bowser, Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi everywhere because these costume ideas are so easy to accomplish. If you’re going as Princess Peach you can wear Honey or follow Emma’s example & apply some hair rollers to get max volume.

So, there you have it, babes - some chill, last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are trending hard in 2023. No need to stress, just pick your fave and get ready to own the Halloween game. Happy Halloween!

We want to see how you style your Halloween costume ideas come to life! Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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