How to Use the INH Digital Nano Flat Iron

How to Use the INH Digital Nano Flat Iron

Sleek & Smooth in No Time Flat: INH Digital Nano Flat Iron is made with Ionic Nanotechnology for all the heat & none of the regret. Heat damage is so outdated!

Our hot take on the classic, essential flat iron—  the INH digital flat iron is elevated & upgraded with up-to-date features, for gentle and effective pro & hair styling at home alike. 

For faster results, rapidly heating one-pass floating plates glide softly through hair without snagging or tugging.

She gives hot tools a whole new meaning…  



What’s So Great About This Flat Iron? 

INH Digital Nano Flat Iron


INH Digital Nano Flat Iron is great for all hair types, and has unique premium features:


• One Pass Tug-free Floating Plates 
• Nano Ionic Soft Heat Technology
• Energy Efficient (Saves 20%-30% more power)
• Digital Screen: Control temps up to 450 degrees
• Rapid, Even Heating in Less than 10 Seconds


    This hair straightener is already loved by hair stylists and beauty vloggers, and here are the reasons why:



    INH Digital Nano Flat Iron


    •  Ultra lightweight & ergonomic at 0.6lbs for comfort & control
    •  Smart automatic shut off after 30 minutes with 5 minute sleep-mode
    •  360 tangle-free swivel cord
    •  Travel-friendly worldwide voltage
    •  1 year factory warranty included  

      How to Flat Iron Hair Without Heat Damage?



      INH Babe @schanellequiza using flat iron INH Digital Nano Flat Iron




      Whether you are curling your hair with a flat iron or want a sleek & straight look this is how to prep to style with a flat iron:


      Step 1: make sure you have ready-to-go dry hair. (No wet hair allowed for this one, babe.) 


      Step 2: it’s super important for you to use heat protection — Flame Fighter moisturizing heat protectant. 


      Heat protectant sprays are essential to preventing damage to your hair & even your hair extensions! Flame Fighter heat protectant spray in particular adds an extra barrier between the heat and your hair strands, all while nourishing your hair & fighting off unnecessary frizz.


      Now, let’s get into the fun part: STYLING! Grab your complementary heat resistant styling glove and let’s do some magic…



      INH Babe @tashjanecollins using INH Digital Nano Flat Iron




      Our flat iron rapidly heats up to 450 degrees: it takes less than 10 seconds to get hot!


      Step 1. Click the Power Button on.

      The light will move up & down while it heats up and will stop at the lowest setting at 160 degrees.


      Step 2. Heat Things Up… If You Want

      Click on the Power Button to select the desired temperature for a higher heat setting. You will be able to see the temperature on the digital screen. We suggest starting at the lowest temperature for your hair type and working your way up as needed.

      Step 3. Style Like a Pro

      Use INH Heat Hero Comb to divide & grab small sections, this is the best professional hair tool to avoid burned fingers. 


      When straightening your hair, you want to start at the root of your hair (1-2 inches away). Slowly slide the hair styler down to your tips. Repeat this until all the sections are straight.


      Step 4. The Finishing Touch


      For an extra step, finish the look with our Super Shine Serum. She is guaranteed to leave your hair looking more nourished, smooth, and shiny, while protecting your hair from breakage and frizz. 


      Pro tip: Smooth down any frizz or flyaways with hair styling tools like Quick Slick or No Fly Zone Pomade.


      Flat & sleek is not the only way to go with your flat iron, you can also learn how to make beach waves with a flat iron, or how to curl short with a flat iron.


      And if you’re wondering how to style curtain bangs with flat iron, don’t worry we got you!


      • Start with air dry or blowout hair
      • Use a heat protectant like Flame Fighter
      • Achieve the perfect split! Part your hair in the middle
      • Divide each side into smaller sections
      • On the right side, use the flat iron to style curtain bangs and to create a sleek C curve towards the center of your forehead for the top section
      • Next, style the bottom section on the right side with a bold C curve in the same direction.
      • Repeat this process on the other side
      • Gently pull out the inward-curved sections for a stunning finish
      • Secure with clips for added support throughout the day, perfect for applying your makeup

        Which temperature setting works best for me? 

        INH Digital Nano Flat Iron


        Our INH Digital Nano Flat Iron can get hot AF (up to 450℉!). Here’s our recommended temperatures for each hair type:

        • FINE, THIN, OR DAMAGED HAIR: 320-340
        • NORMAL, MEDIUM, HEALTHY HAIR: 340-360
        • THICK, COARSE, CURLY HAIR: 360-430

        450℉ setting is recommended for professional use. (She gets hot AF use with caution!)


        Please Note: Your INH Digital Nano Flat Iron will reach its highest temperature in less than one minute.


        Now that you’ve got the heat, get inspired with these hot AF results… 


        Soft waves with a flat iron



        INH Babe @thesupermuse using INH Digital Nano Flat Iron  


        Beach waves with a flat iron 

        INH Babe @lovekatiecole using INH Digital Nano Flat Iron  




        Let’s talk about how to clean a flat iron:

        • Unplug the INH Digital Nano Flat Iron & allow it to cool before you start to clean it.
        • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after the device has cooled.
        • Do NOT use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.
        • Store in a dry and cool place.
        • See Manual for other safety advice.

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