How to Use a Scalp Scrubber

How to Use a Scalp Scrubber

The secret to unlocking your best hair might just lie in a small but mighty tool – INH Hair Scalp Solve Scrubber, a scalp scrubber & shampoo brush. This spa-like hair care accessory will change your shower game, giving you not just a relaxing experience but also promote blood flow & a healthier scalp and, in turn, more beautiful hair to style as you please.


INH Babe @alicieaher using  Scalp Solve Scrubber

Benefits of a scalp massager:

INH Babe @rachelgibsonofficial using  Scalp Solve Scrubber

  • Works for all hair types
  • Enhanced hair product absorption
  • Stress relief & tension release
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Eliminate product buildup & dead skin cells
  • Exfoliation for healthy scalp
  • Convenient and easy-to-clean design
  • On-the-go relaxation

    Scalp Stress? Relax & Enjoy a Nice Canvas for Hair Styling!



    INH Babe @shesalussh with Wash Power CoupleScalp Solve Scrubber

    This scalp scrubber makes it an ideal companion for those moments when you need a quick and effective relaxation session. Think of it as a mini spa treatment for your scalp, as it exfoliates and clears away remnants of styling products and sebum that regular hair washing routines might miss. This not only contributes to a cleaner scalp but also can help promote an accelerated hair growth environment.

    Why Proper Scalp Cleansing Matters


    INH Babe @alexuscarol__ using  Scalp Solve Scrubber

    Leftover sebum & product residue on the scalp can get in the way of hair growth and contribute to issues like a flaky, itchy scalp. INH Hair Scalp Solve Scrubber makes the washing process easier, and it helps to evenly & deeply cleanse the scalp area, preventing clogged follicles.

    How to Add to Your Daily Ritual


    INH Babe @imirynaaa using  Scalp Solve Scrubber & G2G Shampoo

    Ideal for all hair types, this hand-held multi-use scalp scrubber, massager & shampoo brush can be used daily on a dry or wet scalp before, during, and after you shower to boost the use of your scalp serums, oil treatments, masks or shampoos. It also relieves the scalp tension after a long day of wearing tight hairstyles.

    This is the hair care routine for beautiful, ready to style hair:

    1. Shampoo with G2G shampoo, activate the scalp-friendly formula by forming a silky rich lather in your hands.
    PRO TIP: BEFORE you shower & shampoo, evenly detangle your hair for the best results. You might want to use a pre shampoo treatment with your Scalp Solve Scrubber before you step in the water. 

    2. Let our caffeine shampoo sit on your scalp for a few minutes

    3. Using Scalp Solve Scrubber, massage scalp in small, gentle circular motions and then rinse out. Rinse your scalp brush after each use with warm water and soap, let dry completely. 

    4. Condition with G2G Hair Conditioner, apply a small dime sized amount from mid length to ends, only incrementally increasing the amount of product as needed for hair length and hair type.

    5. Once hair is towel dried with our Anti-breakage Microfiber Towel

    6. Apply Got to Grow scalp serum & give your scalp a relaxing massage with Got to Gua Sha for added benefits. Apply once daily for best results (results vary). Most start to see results in 4 weeks when used as instructed. This formula is a leave-on/in treatment, use morning or night. Do not wash hair or scalp after application.

    7. Detangle with Emergency Revival High-Gloss Detangler & brush gently from ends
    to the roots with
    Never Knotty Vegan Mixed Bristle Brush

    8. Protect hair from hot tools with INH HAIR Flame Fighter 1-in-10 Prep Spray

    9. Finish off the look with INH HAIR Super Shine Hair Serum

      The Versatile Design of Our Scalp Massage Tool

      INH Babe @pop_polished using  Scalp Solve Scrubber

      What sets our scalp scrubber apart is its versatile design. The easy-to-clean silicone material makes it easy to rinse off foams, oils, and shampoo. This material optimizes performance and you will get a gentle massage experience every time.

      At the end of the day, healthy-looking hairstyles begin at the scalp. By incorporating our Multi-Use scalp massager & shampoo brush into your shower routine, you're taking a simple yet effective step toward scalp and hair wellness. Treat yourself to a spa experience at home, and let your hair thank you for taking care of it the way she deserves.


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