How to Store a Wig To Prevent Damage

How to Store a Wig To Prevent Damage

Hey, babe! Halloween is over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end for your Halloween wig. 

Our wigs are made to wear all year round; even the wigs in our Total Transformation Vault can be used for cosplay, festivals, special events, or every day for effortless extra volume and length.

If you want to keep your wigs in the best shape possible, here are some tips on how to store wigs without a wig head. But remember, you can wear your INH Hair wig collection any time you want!

The Removal Process

• First, take off your wig
• Then apply revival spray
• Gently detangle using a wide tooth comb starting at the ends and working your way up. Avoid spraying the detangler directly into the cap or brushing the cap too harshly

    → Pro tip: It’s recommended to be super sparing with your wig washes (only when you really need it). If you need to freshen up your wig in-between washes, a gentle alcohol-free powder dry shampoo does wonders for eliminating sweat and adding a fresh scent.


    But if you went to a party & your wig is smoky and super sweaty you can follow these instructions on how to wash a wig. Store when it’s completely air-dried.


    The Best Way to Store Wigs




    Store Hair Here


    If you’re looking for an organization system & a wig storage solution, our wig storage bag with satin lining will make you very happy, babe. 


    • Follow the removal process
    • Cover your wig with the net to prevent any knots
    • Store your wig using our peach satin-lined cotton bag

    → Pro tip: use a drawer to have your collection in just one place & add silica gel bags to each wig bag if you live in super humid weather to prevent damage. 


    Store Wigs Using a Box


    If you're all about aesthetics, you can follow the tips of our INH Babe Yasmeen Beeharry. She shared this photo on our INH Babes Facebook Group. She loves having all her INH Collection organized & ready to go! 


    → Pro tip: join our Facebook group to learn more about wig care.


    Organize Your Wigs Using a Clothing Rack




    INH Babe Krystin Ashley wig storage solution.  


    Another tip from our Facebook group is to use a rolling rack &
    wig hooks to have your wigs visually organized. This idea is perfect to store long wigs.


    →  Pro tip: use the second level to store your ponytails or hair extensions.



    The Hanging Shoe Organizer Hack


    When we first saw this idea, we thought it was brilliant for all the babes who don't have a lot of storage space! This is a great idea to have all your hair pieces in one safe place.


    Create a Wig Wall


    This is the happiest, most exciting idea of all! We love our wig wall (which is very Moira Rose of us) & today we will share how you can create a wig wall in 5 easy steps.



    1. Measure the length of your wigs & trace the size of each wig on brown paper. 
    2. Tape those blocks of brown paper to the wall & use them as a map to visualize your wig wall. Reorganize them if you need to.
    3. Put a nail at the top & center of the paper & remove the brown paper.
    4. Place a styrofoam ball in each nail & pierce them using the nails. They should go all the way until you feel the wall, but without the nail cutting them in half.
    5. Place your wigs on each styrofoam ball. Enjoy your new styrofoam ball wig holder wall!


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