Tips for Heat Styling Synthetic Hair

Tips for Heat Styling Synthetic Hair

Hey, INH babes 💕 It can be intimidating at first to curl or straighten your synthetic hair, but fear not - it’s not as complicated as you would think!

Here are some “I wish I would’ve known” tips on styling your synthetic hair with hot tools.


💬 “I wish I would’ve known the appropriate temperature for heat styling synthetic hair.”

Do you know what burnt synthetic hair smells like? Yeah, you don’t want to know!

When curling your synthetic pieces (synthetic wigs, clip in ponytails, hair extensions, etc), we recommend not surpassing 400 degrees Fahrenheit as just like with real hair - this could cause some damage (aka melting).


💬 “I wish I would’ve known it’s not that different from curling real hair.”

If you are interested in curling your synthetic pieces, we recommend you curl them before applying to your head. Use a claw clip or pins and attach to a towel rack or something stable to make the job a lot easier.

For curling technique, curl as you would your normal hair. If using a wand, gently wrap the hair around the wand and hold for a few seconds until warm. Then drop the curl into the palm of your hand and let sit in a coil to cool and set before dropping. Repeat this step for each curl until complete.


💬 “I wish I would’ve known I no longer have to sync my showers with my plans.”

The good news is once you curl your synthetic hair it’s going to last a REALLY LONG TIME. Plus, synthetic hair actually looks better after a few wears and you shouldn’t wash it as often as your real hair. It’s essentially the ultimate lazy girl hack.


💬 “I wish I would’ve known not to heat style my pre-styled synthetic pieces.”

If one of your hair pieces is already curled or texturized you can technically heat style it BUT know that there is a good chance the original style will not bounce back.

Don’t forget to check out our blog post on how to wash and care for your hair pieces such as your synthetic wigs and hair extensions!

We hope this information helps with styling your synthetic hair pieces! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 👇 Be sure to share your look with us by tagging us onInstagram,Tiktok,Pinterest,Twitter &Facebook and using the hashtag #INHBabe💕

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