How to Heat Style Synthetic Hair

How to Heat Style Synthetic Hair

Hey, INH babes 💕 It can be intimidating at first to curl or straighten synthetic hair, but fear not — it's not as complicated as you would think! Your INH Hair INFINI-FLEX™ hair is high heat resistant, so if you follow the steps below you can customize your wigs and extensions in no time.

We're answering your FAQs with the best tips for how to use heat on synthetic hair. Let's get into it...

Can you put heat on synthetic hair extensions?

Yes — but with caution.

When curling your INH synthetic hair pieces (synthetic wigs, clip-in ponytails, hair extensions, etc), we recommend you do not go above 320 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your synthetic strands looking healthy & luxurious.

Super Shine Finishing Serum, Flame Fighter Heat Protectant Spray, Insert Waves Here, Insert Blowout Here 

Can you use heat protectants on synthetic hair? 

Yes! And you absolutely should!

Just like with your own hair, it's super important to use heat protectants to create a barrier between the hair fibers and your hot tools to prevent heat damage.

We recommend using Flame Fighter heat protectant spray — she adds that extra barrier between the heat & your strands.. plus, she nourishes your hair & fights off frizz while she protects it from damage.  

Use the Heat Heroes to extend the life of your hair and protect it from heat damage before and after styling. 



Flame Fighter & Insert Big Waves Here to recreate the look of our INH babe @fryncesca



How do I curl my synthetic hair? 

If you are interested in curling your synthetic pieces, we recommend you curl them before applying to your head. Use the
Claw Clip or Pins and attach to a towel rack or something stable to make the job a lot easier.

Curl your synthetic hair in uniform sections. If using a wand, gently wrap the hair around the wand and hold for a few seconds until warm. Then drop the curl into the palm of your hand & let sit in a coil to cool for a few seconds and set before dropping the curl, this allows the hair to set permanently. Repeat this step for each curl until complete. If you want to comb or brush out the curls for a voluminous blowout look, wait until the very end once your curls have fully set and cooled.

When curling heat-resistant synthetic hair with heat, just know the original pre-styled texture of your wig or hair extensions will be permanently erased. The hair will remain in the new curly, wavy, or straight style you have created with your hot tool.

INH Babe
@makeupbyjesi wearing heat styled Demi wig (discontinued)


Pro tip: Smooth down any frizz or flyaways with hair styling tools like Quick Slick & detangle and revive your synthetic hair in seconds with Emergency Revival Spray.  

How long will my heat styles last on my synthetic hair? 

The good news is once you curl or straighten your synthetic hair, it will last forever. It's essentially the ultimate lazy girl hack. 

If you straighten or curl your hair pieces, our INFINI-FLEX™ technology will remember that new style. *Please use caution as this means the original style will be forgotten after hot tool use.


Can I heat my pre-styled synthetic pieces?

Technically, yes! But BE CAREFUL. If you heat style your curled or texturized hair pieces, the original style will not bounce back like it does when you spritz or wash her sans heat.

Each time you use heat on your synthetic hair it will erase the old style and hold on to the new style. We don’t recommend using heat on your hair pieces multiple times because it can be damaging to the quality of the hair (just like your own hair).

If you have not used heat on your hair pieces, you can revive the original texture by simply spritzing with water or Revival Spray and shake to snap her back to looking new.

If you want to limit the amount of times you wash your hair pieces (we recommend only doing so when absolutely needed) you can spray her with dry shampoo to deodorize, de-oil, and freshen her up.


Can I straighten my synthethic hair?

Yes, and we created the step-by-step to get a sleeker look here!

Don't forget to check out our blog post on how to care for your hair pieces, such as your synthetic wigs and hair extensions!

We hope this information helps with styling your synthetic hair pieces! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to use or join our INH Babes Community on Facebook where our babes and experts share the best tips and tricks.

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@Sharon Sutera – Hi! We actually do have a link for tutorials and we have a blog here on our website. We’re unsure if you can click on this link but here it is:

Also, Instead of inserting the comb clip into your scalp, insert it between hair ties so that it bites in horizontally rather than vertically; this provides a much firmer hold while being comfortable. You may also wear the ponytail in a low or mid ponytail if the weight is too heavy.

Message us as should you need more assistance.

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Are there videos showing how to attach a pony? I find mine very heavy and feel like I might not be putting it on correctly. Thanks.

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