How to Care For Tinsel Hair Extensions

How to Care For Tinsel Hair Extensions

Shine bright, shine far ~ Hair tinsel is the perfect way to SHINE in the spotlight.


INSERT NAME HERE's extra long ponytail extension Kacey has sparkly tinsel that makes her stand out and sparkle day & night. She's so fab that she's been featured in everywhere from Seventeen to Nylon Magazine.

To make sure your hair tinsel stays sparkly for years of show stopping party looks to come, we have a little hair tinsel care guide just for you.

How to Brush Tinsel Hair Extensions 

To start, lay the hair flat. Hold the top and gently comb through with your fingers, starting at the ends. 

For the Kacey ponytail extensions, you will notice that the tinsel is mixed in the top layer of the pony. You can easily separate the tinsel from the hair fibers. 



Once you have separated the tinsel portion, feel free to spray Emergency Revival hair detangling spray on the hair fibers.



Keeping the hair flat on the table, brush the non tinsel hair with a detangler brush. Brush from the bottom, mid to top. Be sure not to pull on the strands and stretch them as this causes tangling!



Lastly, brush the tinsel back into the hair lightly with your fingers. Avoid using a brush in this area, as the combing may stretch out the tinsel or cause the tinsel to break.



One of the most important parts of keeping your synthetic and human hair extensions and wigs looking brand new is storing her properly!

Be sure to always detangle before storing and keep the ponytail in her included satin bag or something similar.

How to Wash Tinsel Hair Extensions


Products with tinsel are not recommended for washing. But, we get it, this hair is perfect for late nights with friends and sometimes you really need to wash your tinsel wigs and hair extensions (especially if you're out dancing the night away, which we highly reccomend with this tinsel hair!). 

Here's what to do if you absolutely must wash her:

1. Fill the sink with water & mix mild shampoo in it
2. Dip the hair piece up & down
3. Rinse under running water
4. Lay flat to dry 
5. When fiber is dry.. loosen any tangles with your fingers.. & voila! She's ready to be stored until you take her back out on the town!

Note: Do not ring, twist or brush during wash or brushing

Following these steps will keep your hair looking fantastic whether its your 1st or 100th wear. 


Can you heat style tinsel hair? 

Though synthetic hair is heat resistant, tinsel is not. Therefore, you cannot heat style tinsel hair. Doing so will cause damage. 


INH Babe @brittneykitty wearing Kacey in shade dark brown. 


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