How Do I Dye or Bleach my Hair Extensions?

How Do I Dye or Bleach my Hair Extensions?

One of the most frequently asked questions synthetic hair owners ask is, "can you bleach hair extensions?" or "can you dye hair extensions?". Today we're answering these questions and giving you a guide on how to take proper care of your INH Hair, babe!

So, long story short:

Unfortunately, non-human hair like synthetics (or our vegan expert-made INFINI-FLEX) should not be bleached or dyed. 

We do not recommend dying our INFINI-FLEX collection of extensions, ponytails, and wigs. Although you can choose a light shade of our Remy Human Hair extensions and have your stylist custom-dye it to match your hair color. Alternatively, non-damaging color-depositing semi-permanent color conditioners work wonders.

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Just like with your own hair, the dyeing process poses risks of damage & that would change the hair texture & the INFINI-FLEX technology we're so proud of. 

How to dye synthetic hair without damage at home?

INH Babe @vcoral wearing Jordynn.

We know many super creative babes have bleached or dyed their INH hair.
We have even enjoyed a lot of Youtube tutorials they create to show other babes how to dye INFINI-FLEX and synthetic hair. 

If you're determined to do it, here are a few tips on how to do so from the INH Babes:

● Go for synthetic fabric dye or semi-permanent hair color instead of permanent hair dye.
● Use gloves and protect the work area with some towels.
● Do a test run first with one strand to see how the hair color is working on your synthetic or INFINI-FLEX™ piece.
● Don't heat-style your synthetic hair immediately after bleaching or dying, wait at least 3 hours or until it is completely air dry.
● This is a one-time thing, so pick the right color for this transformation. Multiple dyes will damage your hair investment. 


    If you're planning on bleaching or dying your INH pieces, please join our INH Babes community group to learn more. Many babes can give you feedback and share their tips & tricks.


    Can I dye Remy hair extensions?

    INH Babe @Audrebradford wearing Remy.


    Yes! As mentioned, our 100% Remy human hair can be dyed, but we suggest avoiding harsh chemicals or re-dying multiple times. As we mentioned before, just like your real hair, coloring can damage the hair. 


    Want purple hair? Blue? Pink? We recommend our light blonde extensions for most color changes. Light blonde can easily be colored with semi-permanent hair dyes

    Can my hairstylist bleach my Remy hair extensions?



    INH Babe @kreepyyy_ wearing Remy Luxe Light Blonde Dyed.


    Yes! Please take your INH hair Remy human hair extensions to your stylist on your next trip. They are professionals & they will know what to do!


    Take these notes into consideration:


    ● Treat this hair process like any other and make an appointment in your hair salon.
    ● Let your stylist know you want to bleach or dye your hair extensions.
    ● If they can do a consultation first, take advantage of the opportunity to make sure what you want is loud & clear 
    ● Make sure you stay at the salon during the dying process so they can match it to the color that you want.


      How can I add a pop of color to my INH hair?



      There are different reasons why you may want to dye or bleach your hair pieces. Maybe you're in-between shades, or you're going to a Halloween costume party & you already have a wig that is the perfect style but needs to be a different color for your costume. 


      Our best advice is to try wigs or ponytails that already have fun colors in them, like our Total Transformation Vault, Kacey, or Miya. You can never have too many hair pieces! Some babes even spray their INH hair with root spray to better blend their hair pieces if their hair color has changed.

      That way, you mane-tane your INH pieces in their best shape possible & you expand your hair collection. 


      Now, in case you're in-between shades and we really don't have a color match for you, the best option is to choose a lighter shade in Remy extensions and have your professional hair stylist work their magic & do the color.


      How can I spice up an old synthetic hair piece without dying it?

      INH Babe @stephh.cardenas wearing Miya with hi-lites.

      If you want to transform an old wig or synthetic hair piece you have many options:

      ● You can add some seamless & customizable clip-in Hi-Lites.
      ● Create a new length & shape by heat styling it or giving it a trim (use caution!).
      ● Add a braid band to give it a different look.
      ● Use hair accessories like butterfly clips to give a fresh style, or even add a hair scarf to make it look trendy.
      ● Last but not least, you can spice things up with some bangs!

      Believe us when we tell you that bangs can give a complete 180° change to a look, especially if you want to bring attention to the center of your face to make your eyes pop. 

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