Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Get into character this Halloween with easy costume ideas! Whether you’re putting your look together weeks in advance or need a last-minute look, we’ve got your back. 


If you already have some of our high quality, beginner friendly wigs, these options are extremely affordable and fast to put together. If not, don’t fret! We’ve got ideas for you, too

Morticia Adams

INH Babe @bunnyandfawn in Jade wig

The Addams Family is one of the most popular Halloween movies ever. Morticia Addams, the mother of the household, loves everything dark and her look says it. 

If you want to dress up as Morticia Addams for Halloween, you need a long-sleeved black dress, our Jade wig, red lipstick, and a white foundation base to give you a ghostly look. Plus, the long sleeves will keep you warm if your fall winter is harsh!

Megan the Stallion

INH Babe @danieekyland in Megan wig

Wanna dress like a bad witch? Say no more. Megan The Stallion is a household name now and the title is well deserved.

To dress up like Megan The Stallion, you need a black crop top, our Megan wig, winged eyeliner, a dark lip, a short skirt, and lots of confidence. 



Bunny Girl Senpai

INH Babe @kxpng in Mai wig

We dream of this Bunny Girl Senpai costume. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, known in Japan as Seishun Buta Yarō, is a Japanese light novel series.

If you’re looking for an easy, classic Halloween costume, hop on this one. You’ll need a black leotard, our Mai wig, bunny ears and a black bow tie around the neck. 




INH Babe @modern_day_esther in Jean wig 

Roxanne from a Goofy movie! A classic, 90’s costume that is sure to make others feel nostalgic. 

To dress like Roxanne, you need school supplies like a binder and folders, our Jean wig, a brown spot on your nose, and a cute little black mole on your cheek. 

Mia Thermopolis

The Princess of Genovia! Mia Thermopolis is a hilarious, relatable character from the Princess Diaries loved by many. 

You have two options if you want to dress like Mia Thermopolis! If you have naturally curly, frizzy hair you can dress like Mia pre-makeover. All you need is two clips on your middle-parted hair, glasses, a blue dress shirt, and a tie. A super cheap option if you’re on a budget!


If you have brown hair, you can dress as Mia post-makeover. You just need a tight bun, sunglasses, a strapless white dress, a tiara, and headphones. If you need help with your hair, try our Sammy bun!


Jinkies! Wanna channel your inner genius? Velma from Scooby Doo is a wonderful choice, especially after the new Velma series on HBO Max has been announced. An LGBTQ+ icon. 

All you need are glasses, an orange sweater, red skirt, orange socks and red shoes. If you need a brown bob hairstyle to go with the outfit, we would recommend our Henny wig. 

80’s girl


@joyceperezb 80’s themed party🕺🏼 #80saesthetic #costumeideas #hairstyle #halloween #halloweencostumeideas #exercises #80sbaby #halloweenmakeup #aesthetic #viral ♬ Like a Virgin - Madonna


The 80’s: an era. It was a fun time and will be easily recognized by almost anyone. No need to explain!

To dress like a girl from the 80’s, you’ll need bright colors everywhere! Bright eyeshadow, lipstick, a neon top, a leotard and a belt around the waist. If you need Halloween costume accessories, we recommend our Scrunchie Set or our Totally Iconic Barbie Accessories Kit

Need more inspo? Check out our YouTube video 8 Halloween Costumes Using INH Products



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