TOTALLY ‘90s Scrunchie Set

Barbie™ x INH jumbo chiffon scrunchie set

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Just like those that came with the original Totally Hair Barbie, these hair puffs (3 Pack - 1 Pom Pom + 2 Solid) are playful & perfect for dressing up any updo. Complete your Barbie style & make a statement whether you wear it in a ponytail, bun, half-up half-down, or even around your wrist.

1 Blue Pom Pom Jumbo Chiffon Scrunchie

Pink Jumbo Chiffon Scrunchie

1 Yellow Jumbo Chiffon Scrunchie

Non-slip: Keep your updos pretty & secure all day long while you’re on the go. 

Zero damage, breakage or creasing: Our scrunchie’s premium soft material will comfortably secure your strands without any damage or denting. Made for gentle style preservation: you can even sleep in it.

Made for all hair types: Whether you have fine, thin hair, thick hair, curly, or straight hair, our ‘90s hair scrunchies are perfect for all hair types. 

Look good, feel good: Wear this ‘90s fashion accessory on your wrist for updo insurance & an extra touch of style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my hair type?

Yes! Our Pom Pom Jumbo Chiffon Scrunchies are perfect for every hair type — thick or thin. Everyone can be Barbie!

Will these items damage my hair?

Never! Our hair scrunchies are non-slip, securing your hair with zero damage, pulling or crimping.

What's the difference between using a scrunchie versus a ponytie hair elastic?

Aside from adding ‘90s style to your hair look, our scrunchies are made out of a soft chiffon material for a dentless, zero-damage & frizz-free hold.  Regular elastic hair ties, on the other hand, can  leave impressions or creasing on your hair, and they cause a lot of tension & pulling on which can lead to splits and breakage down the hair shaft.