Butterfly Cut: How to Get TikTok's Hottest Hair Trend

Butterfly Cut: How to Get TikTok's Hottest Hair Trend

Fall is the perfect time for a brand-new hairstyle! If you wanna achieve major volume, layers, and become a trendy tik tok girly you need to try the Butterfly Cut.

What is a butterfly cut? 

So, what in the world is the Butterfly Cut, you might wonder? Imagine a hairstyle that captures the essence of the beloved Rachel cut from Friends and a dash of 90’s Pamela Anderson's glam, but with a modern twist. 

It's the kind of style that's as versatile as your favorite fall sweater. The best part? 

You can switch things up without sacrificing your cherished hair length. 

Celebrities with Butterfly Cut Hair

If you haven't already stumbled upon it, take a quick TikTok scroll, and you'll find tons of creators flaunting their incredibly bouncy, butterfly layers. Many hair stylists mentioned that they have more and more clients asking for a butterfly haircut, and they're all learning about it on TikTok. This hair trend was a huge success with normal people, like you and I, but also with the celebs. Yes, the A-listers love the butterfly cut! Don’t believe me? Check out these celebrity looks:

Addison Rae

Matilda Djerf

Sydney Sweeney

Sabrina Carpenter

Lily Collins

Now, let's dive into what makes the Butterfly Cut so captivating. It's also known as the thousand-layer and it’s very similar to the octopus haircut, this layered haircut it's the ultimate blend of shag and long layers. But what truly sets it apart are those two distinct sections: long layers that gracefully drape below your shoulders, creating the illusion of endless hair, and short layers that playfully dance about two to three inches below your chin, framing your face with a delightful dose of volume. It's like layering redefined, stepping away from the beachy, tousled waves that we've seen for ages (and that we also love, ofc).

Who should get a butterfly cut?

But who do I know if my face would look good with the Butterfly Cut, you ask? Well, that’s the beauty of this hairstyle, it practically fits everyone. I mean, anyone who craves more volume and shape in their mane while keeping those cherished inches intact. 

How Can I Get a Butterfly Cut without Cutting My Hair?

You want the butterfly cut, but you don’t want to cut any inches from your hair? Or even better, you want this trendy hairstyle but you have short hair? You need 15” Layered Cut XTRA INCHES is here to save the day, babe!



INH Babe @peytonfishel wearing 15” Layered Cut XTRA Inches in shade chocolate brown

Tips to style a Butterfly Cut with thin hair


INH Babe @lovekatiecole wearing 15” Layered Cut XTRA Inches in shade champagne blonde and Softie Seamless Wide Headband

You don't have to have thick hair to rock the Butterfly Cut, but it truly shines on those with naturally dense and/or curly locks. If you’re missing some volume these layered hair extensions are the secret sauce.

Butterfly Cut with Curtain Bangs with no commitment

INH Babe @jihoon wearing Zooey 

You love the butterfly layered look, but you want a little bit more oomph, huh? We got you! Zooey is the best option to add a little bit more volume to your haircut, or to apply bangs on demand. 

The Butterfly Cut isn't just a hairstyle; it's a lifestyle. Ok, not really, but it’s a cute reason to update your look, pay a visit to your hairstylist, or try our newest layered hair extensions.

We wanna see your butterfly cut with or without scissors. Tag us on Show us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe.

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