6 Tips for Styling a Synthetic Wig

6 Tips for Styling a Synthetic Wig
Hey INH babes ✨So you finally got that wig you were saving up for and it looks super cute on! But after a while, it could get boring wearing the same wig style over and over. If you think it’s time for a change, here are a few of our favorite tips for styling synthetic wigs! 👇

⭐️Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of a little spritz ⭐️

How to take frizz out of synthetic wigs? In order to reduce frizz and fortify limp strands, we recommend lightly spritzing your wig with water from a spray bottle.

For some extra revitalization, lightly brush with your fingers to restore volume.

⭐️Tip 2: Always brush from bottom to top ⭐️

The next important thing is how to keep your synthetic wig from tangling. Use a paddle brush and start about 3 inches from the bottom and brush downwards. Then, position your brush about 6 inches from the bottom and brush downwards. Continue once you’ve brushed through each section. This method gently detangles your wig without pulling, and also helps to create looser curls.

⭐️Tip 3: Utilize your hair ties ⭐️

One problem with wearing a wig is keeping all that hair out of your face! If you find that you constantly need to be tucking the strands of your wig behind your ears, try wearing your wig half up-half down! Whether you create a small pony, bun, or cute space buns, don’t be afraid to get creative with styling synthetic hair wigs! You might also want to check out our hair accessories for more options.

⭐️Tip 4: Braids are your BFF ⭐️

Whether you’re looking for a dash of elegance or a spiritual bohemian look, styling synthetic wigs with braids are a great go-to style when you want to spice up the look of your wig. Our favorite way to braid a wig is by taking two front strands, braiding both, then tying them together at the ends. Try this with our KeKe Wig!

⭐️Tip 5: Don’t forget the bangs ⭐️

If your wig has bangs, make sure to give them a bit of TLC as well! Something that often confuses people is how to style a wig with bangs. In order to preserve their style, make sure to brush them up from underneath in an upward stroke, then allow the bangs to fall where they naturally do.

⭐️Tip 6: Accessorizing is everything ⭐️

The easiest way to re-style a wig is by adding on hair clips! When it comes to styling synthetic wigs there are SO many options. From chunky clips, to baby clips, to butterfly clips it is super easy to add a little glam to your usual wig look. We recommend using our hair clip bundle, She’s Everything, which comes with all five of our clip styles!

We hope these tips for styling synthetic hair wigs gives you the inspiration to go out and get creative with your wigs! If you have a styling question that was left unanswered, feel free to post it in the comments below! 💓

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