5 Reasons Why We Love Wearing Wigs Everyday

5 Reasons Why We Love Wearing Wigs Everyday

Do you wanna try a new hairstyle but don't wanna make that commitment? With Margo, Paige, Jennifer, Harper, and Elena, you can achieve any hair trend you desire without any commitment issues, babe! 

Let's talk about hair trends, shall we? Our Everyday Wig Collection includes the most popular 2023 hair trends, like the '90s blowout haircut, curly shag, wolfcut, butterfly haircut, bottleneck bangs, and more! We've got you covered!

As you know, our wigs are made with INFINI-FLEX™, which means they're not only comfortable but also high-quality, and affordable, have styles that hold their shape & can flex back to their original style.

This collection is also extra special since we created it with our babes' feedback and recommendations.

So, why wigs? They are a great way to express yourself… Plus, a lot more benefits! Don't believe us yet? Not just for celebrities, here are 5 reasons why you need to start wearing wigs.

Self Expression



INH Babe @awkwardtortoisee wearing Paige

Imagine being able to choose a different hairstyle every day without worrying about styling, commitment, or damage. A dream come true, right?

• You wanna feel like a '70s rockstar? Margo's layered blonde balayage butterfly blowout is the wig you need. 
• Love Billie Eilish’s edgy look? Try Paige's dark brown layers! Our mid-length wolf-cut shag wig looks & feels so natural people won't be able to tell it's not your real hair.
• Wanna make a celebrity entrance? Then Jennifer's 90’s inspired rich mocha melt highlights and long, sleek blowout ends will be your go-to.
• Craving something sweet? Switch it up to a long luscious look with Harper's long soft strawberry layers & bottleneck bangs.
• In the mood for a curly shag? Elena delivers frizz-free bouncy layered curls & a soft wispy fringe with zero effort.

    Confidence Boost

    INH Babe @lovekatiecole wearing Margo

    Have you ever left a salon feeling like a whole new person because of a new haircut? Our INH Everyday Wig Collection features natural-looking roots & hairlines so that you can rock them with confidence every day!

    And they're so easy to wear! Simply adjust the straps to your head size, shake and fluff the wig, and style it to your liking. A little tease here, a spritz of dry shampoo volumizer there, and voila! You've got a natural-looking 'do that will turn heads.

    Save Time & Money

    INH Babe @alissa.iris wearing Elena

    With our natural looking wigs, you won't have to spend hours styling your hair or worrying about frizz or damaging it because they are designed to keep their style no matter the weather. 

    It's so much easier to change your wig than go to the salon to cut, color, treat, 

    and style your hair. Ofc your wallet will thank you for that.

    Prevent Damage

    INH Babe @thesupermuse wearing Jennifer

    Everything you do to your hair can lead to damage if you're not careful. Our lace wigs can be a preventative, protective style and the break that your hair needs to get healthy. 

    Pro tip: contrary to popular belief, wigs do not impact hair growth. 

    Hair Thinning

    INH Babe @jadeybird wearing Harper


    One of the reasons our babes wear wigs is because of hair loss like alopecia, postpartum hair loss, or because they are experiencing hair thinning concerns. 

    Our everyday wigs are perfect for experiencing new exciting trends and achieving hair volume, length, or new hair color. 


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