10 clever hair hacks to cover up a thinning hairline

10 clever hair hacks to cover up a thinning hairline

If you're struggling with a receding hairline, you're not alone. 

Nearly 40% of folks who suffer from hair-loss are women. 

There are a number of factors that cause a thinning hairline. Stress, anxiety, hormones, and diet are a few common reasons for hair loss. 

It can be the obstacle between you and self-love, but don't let a thinning hairline dull your shine. 

We're here to share these amazingly clever hair hacks that will help you cover up your thinning hairline like a pro! 

Hack 1: A new haircut 

There are plenty of things in life which can be fixed by a good haircut. One of them is a thinning hairline. 

If your hair is super long and thinning, it's time to consider a new haircut. Primarily because the length of long hair weighs down the fine strands, making them appear even thinner. 

Instead, go for a shorter haircut, or even a medium length chop. Short hair tends to add some natural body and volume to hair, as it's not weighed down. As a result, it creates the beautiful illusion of thicker, fuller hair (just what we want!) 

Pro tip: Ask your hairstylist to add more layers and textures to your strands, preferably around your face. Strategic layers can also boost hair volume and make your hair look fuller. 

Hack 2: An updo

Hairstylist Mia Santiago told Allure, "Alopecia acts similarly to a wild cowlick in that your hair will want to split open right where the trouble spot is."

To cover such bald patches spots, a strategic, well-placed updo does a great job. 

According to Santiago, "the easiest solution is to choose a style that's going to keep hair over the spot that's balding." 

Think of a side braid, a top knot or a low ponytail. You get the drill. 

If you want a perfect pre-styled bun to just put on without any hassle, try the INH Sammy Bun. 

Simply clip her over your existing bun to completely change up your look. Keep it casual with a messy bun or dress her up, Sammy is anything but your basic bun.

Or check out the Ultimate Bun-dle bun extension to achieve a gorgeous, voluminous look in seconds. 

INH Babe @melbel1d wearing Sammy in Honey 


Hack 3: A hair filling powder 

Wanna know the most discreet yet long-lasting solution to conceal a thinning hairline? It's hair-filling powder! 

What's hair filling powder, you ask? 

Hair concealing powders can do such a great job in covering up any bald patches, uneven hairlines, thinning areas – all without making it look fake or unnatural. 

Especially if you have multiple bald spots or wider patches, a root covering powder is the perfect temporary fix to cover them. 

Like this INH Filling Fine powder.

Use our revolutionary stick to get thick quick & make thinning hair look 10x fuller in seconds! Forget the cakey makeup & messy sprays– this is the most discreet & longest lasting solution for thinning, sparse hair. 

What does Filling Fine do?

Disguises thinning, balding, uneven hairlines and covers gaps without looking fake, unnatural, or stiff. Our long-lasting water-proof, transfer-resistant formula stays put when you sleep, sweat, or swim!

Just toss Filling Fine in your bag for a thicker, fuller looking hairline on the go! 




INH Babe @alexandra.g.g using Filling Fine in Natural Black/Brown 


Hack 4: Hair extensions FTW

If you're on the lookout for a temporary yet glamorous fix to fine hair or thinning hairline, there's nothing better than hair extensions. 

Hair extensions are a life-saver for us fine-haired babes. They not only amp up the volume and length of your hair. They're also a great way of hiding hair loss, thinning hairline or bald spots.

INSERT NAME HERE’s hair extensions are a winner in this department. Made from vegan INFINI-FLEX™ fibers, they are lightweight and super easy to apply. This means, they won't exert any extra pressure on your roots, unlike many hair extensions out there. Heavy hair extensions often pull at your roots, causing them to go weak and leading to further hair loss. Instead, INH clip-in hair extensions and ponytail extensions are super lightweight and easy on your scalp. 

Plus, it goes without saying that they boost your confidence and are a great tool for self-expression & creativity!


Hack 5: Dry Shampoo

One of the many disadvantages of fine hair is that it can often look greasy, limp and just dead. But there's one beauty product that's a savior in this department: dry shampoo! 

For all those busy mornings, dry shampoo is the quickest way to add volume to thin hair. 

Dry shampoo consists of fine particles of powder or starch. Both these ingredients absorb excess oil and add bulk and volume to hair. It's a blessing in disguise for us fine-haired babes. They are a must-have on no-wash days, and an added bonus on wash days.

Note: We wouldn’t recommend using dry shampoo for more than 2 days as a quick fix solution. After your dry shampoo use, be sure to thoroughly cleanse & exfoliate your scalp. Leftover residue and build up from products like dry shampoo can irritate your scalp and therefore affect the quality of your hair. For on the go cleansing sans shower, you can also look to leave-in scalp tonics which simultaneously nourish the scalp (especially good for curly hair to extend time between wash days).


Hack 6: Color it dark 

Going a few shades darker does wonders to make hair look thicker & fuller. Plus, it's a lot less damaging than going lighter (due to bleaches, ammonia & a slew of other drying chemicals). Especially if you've got hair that's prone to damage, opting for brunette shades can actually be better for your hair health. 

Don't feel like going brunette? No problemo! You can just ask your hairstylist to add in some dark pieces or lowlights strategically. If placed correctly, these will add more dimension while concealing any signs of hair loss. Win-win! 

For dark-haired babes, adding a few highlights does the trick. It lessens the contrast between your scalp and hair, which can often make thinning hair more obvious. At the end of the day, it's all about finding that perfect balance between light and dark that gives the illusion of fuller, thicker hair! 



INH babe @jonathan.lam wearing Miya in shade chocolate brown. 



Hack 7: Blow dry it out

A good blowout can help you achieve that voluminous look in just a few steps. All you need is a blow dryer and a round brush.

You can use the INH Insert Blowout Here brush for this. 

After washing your hair, start blow-drying damp hair using Insert Blowout Here

First section your hair. Then start blow-drying in the opposite direction that hair naturally falls. Make sure to add some extra blast of cool air for a few seconds before letting go, to set the style. Agreed, this whole process takes some extra effort and gives you a good arm workout. 

But the final result is totally worth it!

INH Babe @rorybell using Insert Blowout Here

Hack 8: Volumizing products

Using the right styling products can make such a huge difference if you struggle with hair loss. Most products in the market weigh your hair down, making it look greasy and limp. This makes thin hair appear all the more thinner. 

But that's not the case with lightweight volumizers. 

Volumizers are made of molecules that coat your hair strands. This coating makes each strand stiffer. Once they start drying up, the hair strands move further away from each other, giving the illusion of hair that has more volume and body. 

A volumizing shampoo is perfect for adding that much-needed volume and life to your hair. It puffs up the hair, hiding any signs of limpness, thinning areas or balding patches. 

Note: Make sure to choose a volumizing shampoo that's free of alcohols, sulfates and parabens. These can strip your hair off its natural oils and moisture, making your hair look limp and lifeless, and resulting in further hair loss! 

You can also go for a volumizing mousse or spray before blow drying your hair. Using a diffuser can also help volumize & lessen the impact of drying with heat.

So, which one are you gonna try first? 

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