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Ready for effortless, frizz-free curls? Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, we’ve got the extensions for perfect, loose curls that won’t wall flat even when worn all day, every day. Who said curls have to be high maintenance when you’ve got these curly girlies?

1 18” U-Clip with loose barrel curls

1 Jordynn ponytail extension

2 INH bobby pins

2 tester pieces to make sure you have the shade that blends best with your hair

2 reusable satin storage bag to preserve & protect your INSERT NAME HERE hair

      Curled 18” U-Clip

      Length: 18” | 46 cm 
      Weight: 195 grams
      Style: loose barrel curls

      Jordynn Ponytail Extension:

      Length: 18" | 45 cm
      Weight: 110 grams
      Style: Layered curls

      U-Clip with loose barrel curls: An INH exclusive design, get instant volume with our easiest everyday extensions. One blendable clip-in weft, two application steps, and LOTS of frizz-proof loose barrel curls that hold all day, everyday. This U-Clip is the fastest way to achieve thicker, longer curls.

      Jordynn Ponytail: Meet Jordynn, our 18 inch clip-in ponytail extension (AKA your favorite girl next door). She’s super lightweight (only 110 grams) and her casual layered curls make her the ideal everyday pony.

      If properly cared for your INSERT NAME HERE hair will last for years of styling (in fact, our founders still wear the very first styles we launched!).

      Here’s how to keep them  looking perfect for as long as possible:

      Brush before & after wear
      Store in the included reusable satin storage bag or on your Hang Hair Here
      Keep your u-clip looking brand new: Simply spritz Emergency Revival Spray to eliminate tangles & restore your hair back to health.

      Check out our U-Clip How-To Guide and our Ponytail How-To Guide for tips & tricks on how to care for your extensions.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I apply a ponytail extension?

      Step 1: Tie your hair into a tight ponytail or ballerina bun.

      Step 2: Insert the ponytail extension’s comb into the base of your ponytail, beneath your hair tie. Scoop the extensions’ comb upwards to secure it into position.

      Step 3: Secure the velcro of the ponytail extension's hair tail tightly around your ponytail or bun’s base.

      Step 4: Wrap the extension’s hair tail, making sure to conceal the velcro. Secure the hair tail with BB Pins, and voila!

      How do I apply my INSERT NAME HERE U-Clip Hair Extensions?

      Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced hair affciendao, our extensions are super easy to use & apply in seconds! Extensions may seem intimidating, but they’re actually very easy to apply:

      Our U-Clip is 1 full hair piece with 8 clips.

      Step 1: Section your hair in a horseshoe U-shape around the crown of your head
      Step 2: Place the U-Clip around the horseshoe section, secure the clips from the top down
      Step 3: Release the top section of your hair, gently brush & style as desired

      For a more detailed step-by-step application you can check out our
      helpful video tutorial here

      If it's vegan, what's your hair made of?

      INFINI-FLEX™ is the closest person-made alternative to human hair

      Created with human hair features, we use our proprietary INFINI-FLEX™ technology for the most realistic vegan hair extensions. Almost impossible to differentiate, it feels super soft, blends easily, & has natural shine like that of healthy human hair.

      This ready to wear, weatherproof, low maintenance fiber never loses its style or vibrancy. With proper care, the style "flexes" back to its original form (as if brand new out of the bag!) even after years of wearing, washing, or brushing. If you straighten or curl up to 160°C / 320°F, our INFINI-FLEX™ technology will remember that new style (will not revert to original texture).

      Are my INSERT NAME HERE U-Clip Hair Extensions suitable for all hair types?

      The U-Clip is best suited for medium hairstyles to long hairstyles (in general, a medium-cut sees the ends of your hair at your collarbones or your shoulder blades). Short hair or blunt haircuts do not blend as easily with the U-Clip. You can have your hairdresser trim your U-Clip to better blend with your hair, or if you have thin hair we suggest teasing your roots to better cover the weft. The best way to blend the U-Clip with your natural hair is to braid or curl it!

      Check out our
      how-to guide for more info

      Are INSERT NAME HERE Ponytail Extensions suitable for all hair types?

      Our ponytail extensions are made for all hair types and experience levels (beginner-expert).
      Many of our INH babes experience various hair concerns and use INH products to regain confidence and control.

      Our high-quality products can help with:

      - short hair

      - thin hair

      - hair loss (including postpartum & alopecia)

      - damaged hair

      Pro tip: If you’re concerned about blending your hair with the ponytail, or you have long or thick hair, try braiding your ponytail first to better hide it, or put it in a ballerina bun & wrap your INH ponytail extension over top.

      Check out our
      ponytail extensions 101 blog for more tips and tricks!

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        Worked out perfectly for me, would recommend .

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        My favorite!

        Love it!!

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