Does this hair & scalp serum actually work? We’ll let the results speak for themselves.

In a 90 day third party clinical study with 40 female subjects struggling with hair loss, thinning or sparse hair.

89% noticed thicker, denser hair
83% noticed less shedding
89% said hair has more volume than before
89% said overall they were pleased with this product

One of the women in the study, who struggles with thin hair due to an autoimmune disease, said the serum made her hair “ feel healthier and look denser” in her review of the product.

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How much serum do I need to apply?

It is recommended to use one to two droppers of serum per use, but no two people are the same! If your hair is thin and fine and you feel like you need less than one to two droppers, or if your hair is thick and coarse and you feel like you need more, then follow your intuition– it is a not oily/greasy formula.

Does the serum work on all hair types?

Our hair serum is gentle enough for all hair types and textures.

What is the difference between a jade roller and a gua sha comb?

Jade rollers have one shape and one motion to a jade roller. A gua sha, on the other hand, has different edges that can be used to go up and out or side to side.