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Not just for the gym or washing your face anymore… Super soft, thick & ribbed for your pleasure, this nostalgic favorite is back to make a statement. This trending Y2K inspired elastic headband hair accessory is a stylish, practical & elevated must-have to finish your ‘fit. Great for most hair types, it has especially good coverage for thin, fine or thinning hair.

1 Thick Black Elastic Cotton Blend Headband

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Why The Hype?

  • Small Details, Big Statement

    Dress up your hair & maximize your self-expression with the trendiest hair accessories.

  • Zero Damage, Breakage, or Creasing

    Our damage-free hair accessories are made with the best materials & we designed them to comfortably secure your hair without any damage or denting.

  • Easy to Use & Durable

    Designed for beginners and experts alike, our high quality hair accessories offer a secure hold for your strands without damage or denting. Each of our hair accessories has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring you receive nothing short of the absolute best.

  • Made for All Hair Types

    Fine, thin hair, thick hair, curly, or straight hair? No problem! With a single size that fits most, our gentle hair accessories work on any style or hair type.

  • Look Good, Feel Good

    No look is complete without accessories! Wear our IT girl-approved fashion accessories & be comfy all day. Our beginner-friendly hair accessories are created to style without sacrifice!

  • Accessorize & Maximize Your Self-Expression

    Make your favorite hairstyles feel like new when you elevate your look in seconds. From trendy claw clips, hair scrunchies, hair gems, or even hair bows, we’ve got an accessory for every one of your moods.


  • Softie Seamless Wide Headband
  • Softie Seamless Wide Headband
  • Softie Seamless Wide Headband
  • Softie Seamless Wide Headband
  • Softie Seamless Wide Headband
  • Softie Seamless Wide Headband

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wear a headband?

Prep and Prime: Before you dive in, make sure your hair's ready. Whether it's fresh & clean or with some texture, just do you. No rules here!

Slide and Glide: Time to get that headband in the game. Slide it over, starting from your forehead. Let it settle comfortably where you want it. You can also wear it with our 15” Layered Xtra Inches hair extensions.

Lock and Load: Got it in position? Now give your headband a little wiggle to make sure it's snug & secure. No need to overthink – just find that sweet spot where your hair's happy and let it do its thing.


How to wear a headband with short hair?

Literally, you can wear it anyway you want. You can use a headband with a wig, a ponytail, hair extensions, or just your natural hair. With a single size that fits most, this headband is perfect no matter your style or hair type, and it works especially well for babes with thin, fine, or thinning hair.

If you need inspo check out our How To Style a Headband in 2023 blog post.