100% remy human hair clip-in bangs

$69 USD


vegan fiber, wispy clip-in bangs

$29 USD


remy human hair clip-in bangs + quick slick

$83.00 USD $67 USD

Want bangs, but not commitment? Check out our bang extensions
Give your hair a cute update with our bangs clip-on collection. Made from 100% real Remy human hair—the absolute top tier—they're perfect for trying out a cute new style before busting out the scissors.

Why we love bang extensions
There's no denying that the way bangs frame the face is super cute. But, there's no denying that they can be a huge commitment. Once you get bangs cut in, you need to trim them on the reg to keep the style. And trust us, that's not something you want to do at home. With our bang extensions, you just clip them in and go. When you get bored of them? Just take them out. No need to spend months in that awkward growing phase. Plus, they're reusable—so once you're ready to bang again, they'll be waiting for you.

Fake it convincingly with our bangs hair extensions
Your friends are going to freak when they see your new bangs. Partly because they'll think they're real, and partly because they'll be super jealous when they realize that they aren't. Our bang extensions are made from pure Remy human hair. This is seriously top quality. When it's made, the cuticles are kept intact and they go in one direction. This means they look ultra-realistic and feel gorgeous. And, because our bangs hairpiece is hand-tied and has a sheer base, it totally blends into your natural hair.

Find a bangs hairpiece to match your 'do
Whatever your natural color, we've got a bangs clip-on to suit you. We have lots of colors to choose from, whether your mane is jet black, light blonde or somewhere in between (we've got lots of love for gingers)! Some of our bang extensions have an ombré look, with different colors on the roots and tip. Choose one that totally blends in for that all-natural look or go totally wild with a different shade. We love black and platinum blonde together.

Customize your bangs clip-on
Because our bangs are made from real human hair, they're super easy to style. Just wear them to the salon and ask your hairdresser to trim them however you like. And please show us what you've done on Insta! So, how about some styling suggestions? Our bangs clip-on works with short and long hair.

Bang extensions for short hair: bangs with a bob—is there anything more iconic? Our clip-on looks awesome with a sharp bob. Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Just team with one of our short women's wigs. We love them with Poppy.

Bang extensions for long hair: we're all about teaming clip-on bangs with our longer hair extensions. Just FYI, they look amazing with our clip-in ponytail extensions. Try them with Miya, our 30-second dream pony. They go together like mac and cheese.