Faking it is easy with our synthetic hair extensions
Our synthetic hair extensions are unreal. Literally. Made from lightweight, top quality fibers—sourced from Japan—they look, feel and work just like natural hair (just without the huge price tag, or months spent growing it out). Whether you're looking for a synthetic curly ponytail extension that matches your roots or a wig in eye-popping mermaid colors, we got you. Fake it 'til you make it, girl.

Get awesome lengths with our synthetic hair wrap ponytail extensions
Doing that hair toss is way sassier with a ponytail, and our clip-in extensions give you all the length and volume you've been dreaming of. We've got lots of different looks so it's easy to switch it up. The most famous is our best-selling 30-second dream pony, Miya—yep, the one from Ariana Grande's "In My Head" video. But if sleek and chic aren't your thing, we've got synthetic curly ponytail extensions too. Whether you want spirals (say hi to Shayla) or subtle curls fit for a cheerleader (oh hey Molly), you'll find them here.

Meet our totally exclusive, synthetic U-clip hair extensions
Have you heard about our U-clip extensions? Exclusive to INH Hair, these one-clip synthetic extensions are easy to apply. It only takes a few seconds to apply them to the crown of your head and they're super lightweight—unlike an actual tiara. They bring mega volume and length in seconds. Bye forever, bad hair days. It works best with medium and long hair, and you can easily style it. Pull it up into a synthetic u-clip ponytail, or dig out the curling iron. These babies are heat resistant up to 400 degrees.

Synthetic hair extensions in your length and color
Because they're made to give a little bit of "oomph" to what nature gave you, we want our synthetic hair extensions to blend into your own hair. That's why we've got lots of colors to choose from, ranging from our inky jet black to bubbly champagne blonde. And everything in between, obviously. If you're finding it hard to decide which color to choose ("am I a mixed brown or an espresso?") don't worry. Just slide into our DM's on Insta and one of our experts will take a look through your profile and find you the perfect match. If only online dating was this easy.

Dunno where to start? Bag a bundle
Good hair days are seriously addicting. And once you try one of our volumizing U-clip hair extensions or synthetic hair wrap ponytails, you'll want to add more to your vanity table. That's where our bundles come in. It works out less expensive to buy together, and you get to try two of our best-selling favorites. If you're into up-dos, our starter bundle features our synthetic curly ponytail extension Brit, as well as Sammy—our big hair energy bun. And, if synthetic hair wrap ponytails are your thing, our pony goals bundle is ideal. Featuring one sleek and shiny, and one wavy. Both pack plenty of attitude, ofc.