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2 jars of semi permanent full coverage hair dye

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from crimson red to a deep merlot tint
Whether your hair cascades down your back or you're opting for a trendy two-tone hairstyle, we've got you fully covered.

Our vegan, cruelty-free Hair Color Conditioner formula not only coats your strands with rich, long-lasting hair color that fades beautifully, but also doubles as a deep conditioner— leaving your hair hydrated, nourished, and silky smooth! This is your opportunity to express your unique style and experiment with different hues at home without fear of hair damage or commitment.

- Start with clean, unconditioned, dry hair. For full color payoff/coverage, our semi-permanent hair color works best with pre-lightened platinum to pale blonde hair. 

- To avoid stains, use petroleum jelly or coconut oil around the hairline and on the ears.

- Use protective gloves and apply the color evenly from roots to ends with a tinting brush. Find everything you need to DIY your dye with At Home Hair Color Kit.

- Leave color in for 30 to 45 minutes. No heat or cap required! For brighter & longer-lasting results, let the color sit for 1 hour. (Don't worry this Semi Permanent Hair Color’s conditioning formula won’t damage your hair)

- Rinse your hair in cool or lukewarm water until it runs clean.

Pro tip: hair color may stain clothing or other surfaces. We suggest using towels or newspapers to protect your work surfaces. Wear an old t-shirt or use old towels to protect skin and clothing from color staining. Rinse color completely & dry hair to prevent post color transfer.

For more tips & tricks check out our blog post How To Apply Semi Permanent Hair Color Conditioner Here

2 Semi Permanent Hair Color Conditioners



Vibrant long-lasting hair colors

Dull short-lived colors

Ready to use formula

Mixing required formula


Non-vegan ingredients 


Non-vegan ingredients

No harsh chemicals

Contains harsh chemicals like ammonia