How to Make Temporary Hair Color Fade Faster

How to Make Temporary Hair Color Fade Faster

Let your hair troubles fade away~

POV: you dyed your hair an awesome, bright semi-permanent hue... but now your bride-to-be cousin says it needs to be a natural shade for her upcoming nuptials where you're the maid of honor. Don't panic!

Whether you want to revert to your OG natural shade, mix things up & switch to a different semi-permanent shade quicker than your current color is fading, we've got you covered.  

INSERT NAME HERE’s conditioning & semi permanent hair color Insert Color Here is made to fade away gradually & gracefully, and usually depends on how often you shampoo your hair. If you want to speed up the fade color hair process, we’ve got some tips on how to remove semi permanent hair color. 







But first of all, here’s what you should NOT do:


Please, SKIP THE BLEACH. Protect your gorgeous strands, babes. We’re begging you. Bleach will only damage your hair, and may not even strip your hair dye like you want it to. 


Ok! Now that we got that out of the way. Take out your notebooks, babes. Here’s our official tips & tricks…


INH Babe using Insert Color Here in shade Pink Quartz 


Get to Washing! 

Most hair dyes — including Insert Color Here — fade away in the shower, through hair washing. So, wash your hair more frequently with a clarifying, sulfate-free shampoo (& don't forget to use a colorless deep conditioner after frequent washing to ensure your hair stays moisturized & healthy). While we usually recommend washing with cool water to keep moisture sealed into the hair cuticle, warmer water will help hair fade faster. 


How long does semi permanent hair dye last? There’s not an exact science to it. While some see a major difference in color after 6-10 washes, it really depends on your hair (how light it was when you died it, your hair porosity aka. the hairs ability to absorb moisture, hair texture, the dying process & intensity of the color you're trying to fade and more).


Be patient, and listen to how your hair reacts. This method is probably the safest, best way to remove hair color from INSERT NAME HERE. 


Use a Clarifying Shampoo

If you’re really needing to pack a punch with your washes, use a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo to help remove your Insert Color Here faster. 


INH Babe using Insert Color Here in shade Emerald. 


Try Out a Darker Shade

If you would like to transition to another hair color faster, we recommend that the next color you choose be darker than the previous shade to cover any potential fadeout discoloration. When color mixing keep in mind the color mixing wheel (ex. red+yellow = orange, red+blue = purple).  For the best results though, we suggest waiting until your current color completely fades out.

Other tips

Swimming — A dip in the pool can help. Chlorine, while not necessarily your hairs best friend, is known to strip color out of hair. It may also dry your strands out, so be sure to allow for a post-swim wash & condition!

Catching some rays— Direct sunlight can cause your shade to fade faster, but don't forget your SPF babes!

RSVP at the Hair Salon

Hair dye can be stubborn. If you’re wanting a complete dye removal, you may have to consult a professional hairstylist to help you get the job done. Sometimes, it’s best to leave things to the professionals. 



Color theory for hair color correction

Understanding color theory is essential for those babes seeking to expedite the fading process & switch up their look. Whether you're aiming to lighten a dark hue or simply want a change, incorporating color theory into your approach can be a game-changer. So, let's dive into some examples so you can understand it better: 


Brassiness to Cool Blonde: When blonde hair turns brassy or yellowish, a purple or violet toning shampoo or DIY purple leave-in can be used to counteract the warm tones and restore a cool, platinum blonde. 


Dark to Light Brown: Correcting overly dark brown hair to a lighter shade may require a gradual approach. Bleaching and then applying a light brown or ash-toned dye can help achieve the desired color.


Red to Brown: If you want to transition from vibrant red hair to a natural brown, you may need to use a green-toned color or a green-based brown semi-permanent dye to neutralize the red undertones.


Blonde to Brunette: Going from blonde to brunette can result in a greenish or ashy tint. To correct this, you might choose a warm-toned brown shade and possibly use a red-gold corrector to add warmth back to your hair.


Remember that color correction often requires careful planning and, in many cases, professional assistance to achieve the best results while minimizing damage to your hair. If you’re doing it at home, use a semi-permanent hair color to achieve the best results without commitment. Otherwise, consult with a professional colorist, especially for complex color correction tasks.


Still in search for more tips & tricks on using Insert Color Here? Check out our Hair Color 101 blog here


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