Why You Need Extensions

Why You Need Extensions


Behind every head of fabulous hair is a little help. Whether it’s your favorite conditioner or a set of top-tier INH extensions (or both), there are so many ways to elevate your natural beauty to achieve the hair of your dreams. Extensions, in particular, are a quick and easy way to create the illusion of full, voluminous, and most importantly, healthy hair. We have TONS of different types of extensions (and shades), and we love to help our babes find the perfect set. 

before and after photos with extensions

@alysilverio in Lux Extensions

Another great thing about our extensions that you don’t necessarily think about, is that we are able to keep our shorter, less dramatic looks as an option in addition to the thicker, more voluminous extensions look. Check out our INH Babe pictured above. Of course the “After” photo is absolutely bomb, but her natural hair is beautiful too. With extensions (and all INH products), we don’t have to drastically, irreversibly change or damage our natural hair! It really is a win-win. The best of both worlds, if you will. Our wigs are the perfect example of this - take one of our newest wigs, Hayley, for example - you can have bold carrot red orange hair without the bleach, dye, damage, and commitment!

influencer wearing lux extensions

@iitsdiane in Lux Extensions 


Our Remy Human Hair Extensions are soft, smooth, and give you the absolute most natural final look (duh, they’re 100% real hair!) Our 18’’ and 20’’ Remy extensions come with seven clip-in pieces, which allow you pinpoint problem areas and add hair right where you need it. These extensions are perfect for those of us with thin (or thinning) hair. You can place them strategically to achieve countless looks and styles. Subtle changes can go a long way! 

before and after with remy human hair extensions

@lilpatti before & after Lux Extensions


While the transformation will be obvious, these extensions are so lightweight; you will forget you even have them in (we have even heard some of our INH Babes sleeping in them)! Our extensions won’t pull on or weigh down your hair, which means no damage and endless volume!


If you have short to medium length hair and are looking just to add some extra volume and thickness our 18" inch clip-ins are perfect for daily wear and will give you the most natural look. 

The 20" set, will add the same beautiful volume as the 18"set while giving you a little extra length. They are easy to apply and quickly take your look from 0-100.

Beginner and experienced extension users alike will be blown away by our extensions. They are high quality, super easy to apply and blend easily with your existing har! No one will even know they are clip-ins!

Need help color matching? Be sure to DM us on Instagram @insertnamehere and we will custom color match you. 


Last but NOT least, we want to share one of our new favorite looks with you, featuring our bestselling hot tool, The Waver! Shop the Mermaid Starter Kit to get our Lux Extensions AND The Waver in one bundle. Once you have your extensions clipped in, go ahead and use The Waver on both your hair and the extensions to blend and texturize even further. Check out the results… 

 We just know you will fall in love with these extensions and how they transform your hair. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @insertnamehere so we can see your beautiful new look! 


For the long Street 22 inch hair should I order two pair for the volume or would one be enough? Thx


HI i bought the 22 inch u clup extensions and am having a really hard time curling them, what do you recommend


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