Trend Report: Extra Long Wavy Hair

Trend Report: Extra Long Wavy Hair

Let’s be honest: The feeling of your extra long tresses flowing in the summer breeze is like no other. Which is maybe why we’ve seen celebs make waves lately with their extra long wavy hair. And NGL, we’re loving it. 

From stars like Gigi Hadid to Beyonce and Lizzo, extra long mermaid hair is one of the top trendy hairstyles of the summer. Our feeds are so full of it, we’re practically dreaming of waves at this point. 

OK but… how do celebrities get long hair?  

For some celebrities, long hair can just be good ol’ genes. But, don’t be fooled, the majority of celebrities use hair extensions to add volume & length to their hair. The good news? You can get extra long & wavy celebrity hair, too!

XTRA INCHES is just one of INSERT NAME HERE’s high-quality hair extension styles. At 24 inches with pre-styled, never-ending waves, they’re the perfect choice for the best beach waves. And, we’re not afraid to say that they’re the most luxurious vegan hair extensions on the market. Click here to learn step-by-step how to add volume & length to your hair without damage or commitment in minutes!


INH Babe @trennnddd wearing XTRA INCHES in shade black.


So now that you’ve heard the hype around the beach wave hairstyle, are you ready to SEE it? Here’s our celebrity trend roundup of these gorgeous, extra long waves. 



The Euphoria-star is making us euphoric with her extra long beach waves. 

Kim Kardashian

Bible Kim, there are people that are dying (for your extra long hair). 


Truth hurts — except for the fact that long wavy hair is our fav 

Anya Taylor Joy

She’s classy & demure. Miss Joy’s platinum extra long hair is gorg. 

Megan Thee Stallion

No one does hot girl summer hair better than THEE Stallion herself. 

Gigi Hadid

Ugh, aren’t her long, beachy waves just perfection? 

Olivia Rodrigo

Good 4 u, your hair looks happy and healthy! 


Too pretty & too cool. Mermaid hair can be edgy, too. 

Sabrina Carpenter 

The aesthetic! The fit! The voluminous mermaid waves! We can’t even! 

We want to see how you ride this hair wave! 

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