TREND REPORT: Extra Long Braids

TREND REPORT: Extra Long Braids

Pssssst. Babe, we’ve got a little secret to let you in on: hair trends are about to get real extraaaaa - and we at INH are loving it. Especially when it comes to extra long braids. 

If you don’t want to take it just from us, look at queens like Kim Kardashian, Barbie Ferreira & Olivia Rodrigo. A quick scroll on Insta will show you that braid trends are here to stay.




That’s why we’ve created Lara Long Braid- our longest, most braidable ponytail extension. At 34-inches on a sturdy elastic to hold the weight, she’s made to braid. With three pre-sectioned braid tails and one wrap around piece, she blends seamlessly into your hair, making her super natural looking. 

If Laras length intimidates you, our ponies Sharon and Miya can still help you achieve long braided ponytails at 28- and 26- inches respectively. 

Regardless, there’s so many braided ponytail hairstyles to choose from.
Grab your ponyties and get ready to twist! Let’s get into the biggest braid trends.


Slick, Tight Braid

A slick braided ponytail is kind of like the ultimate facelift. She’s the favorite of the TikTok E-girl & baddies everywhere. Take it from icons like Kim K and Julia Fox- this perfectly slicked plait is definitely a moment. 

To get that long and super sleek look, we recommend INH’s Lara Long braid & slick back your flyaways with INH’s Fly Away Brush & No Fly Zone Pomade.




Multicolored Braid

Why choose one color when you can choose two? Multicolored braids bring fun and personality to any look.

To recreate this hairdo, grab Lara in two different shades and get to twisting! 


Bubble Braids 

Bubble braids might be one of your new favorite ways to blow your friends away. They’re a super fun & easy way to add dimension to your braids. 

Whether you use Lara, Miya or Sharon to elongate your strands, your look is sure to turn heads. 




Low Swing Braid

Let your braid hang low while your vibes soar high. Super cool, chic and seemingly-effortless, the low ponytail braid is the perfect way to make yourself seem casually cool.





Playful Pigtails

Not your everyday school girl. Braided pigtails are fun & festival approved (perfect for Coachella!).

To help you achieve that dramatic length, clip on INH’s long ponytail extensions and get to braiding. 




Bonus: Baby braids 

Though not extra long, baby braids are the perfect way to add a little twist to your summer ‘do. Seen on celebrities like Bella Hadid, FKA Twigs and Margot Robbie, these babies should def be on your Pinterest board.

To help you achieve a slicked back look, use INH’s No Fly Zone Pomade to help guide any parts poking out back into your braid.




We can’t wait to see how your braids came out! Tag us on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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