How to Get Kim K Hair

How to Get Kim K Hair

Kim there’s people that’re dying (to know your hair secrets). Love them or hate them, the Kardashians have constantly been changing the beauty game & have been serving us major hairspo throughout the years.

On Kourtney’s website Poosh, it was revealed that Kim loves using rice water to keep her hair looking healthy. But, just like a lot of celebrities, Kim is also an avid fan of hair extensions. While Kim Kardashian hair extensions might intimidate your wallet, there’s lots of more approachable and affordable celebrity hair extensions on the market. Bible. 

Get your notebooks out. We’ve compiled some tips, tricks & tutorials on how to get Kim Kardashian hair. You won’t want to stop taking pictures of yourself — even when your sisters are going to jail.






Swooped Ponytail

Fun, playful, and oh so chic. The swooped ponytail is one of the top recreated Kim K hairstyles. But um… how do you get your hair to swoop like that? 


There are two ways: use a ponytail extension that’s perfectly pre-styled into a swoop; or use a hot tool to swoop your pony yourself. INSERT NAME HERE’s clip-in ponytail extension Lola has a beautiful swoop that you can apply in seconds. She’s lightweight, soft & so natural-looking. 


To create that swooped shape on your own hair, use a blow dryer to carefully mold the swooped shape. You’ll also want to grab your fair share of hair spray to keep this shape secure. 


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Long & Sleek Ponytail 

Extra expensive-looking, but also sleek & super simple. There are two factors that make this simple Kardashian hairstyle more expensive-looking: her extra long hair, and super slicked back strands. 


Become the 6th member of the Kardashian Klan by adding length to your hair with extensions. When it comes to ponytails, INSERT NAME HERE’s ponytails are at the top of the game. They’re made of vegan INFINI-FLEX fiber that’s so soft & healthy-looking that nobody will be able to tell it’s not yours. Plus, they’re lightweight & easy to use for beginners & experts alike. 


Once your hair is tied up in a ponytail, use hair pomade to flight flyaways. 




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Long Mermaid Waves

We’ve been waiting for this one. Want to know how to get Kim Kardashian hair waves? 


Hair extensions. INSERT NAME HERE’s vegan XTRA INCHES hair extensions are perfectly pre-styled into beach waves. That means: no heat or humidity can frizz up this look. 


If you’ve already got extra long length in your hair, then you’re in luck! All you need is a good hair waver. INSERT NAME Here’s Waver is beloved by beauty editors for its ability to get perfect, long lasting waves while minimizing damage. (It even won Allure’s award for one of the best curling wands and irons in 2022.) 


To help your hair get that signature sleek look, use hair pomade to fight away flyaways. 




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Extra Long Braided Ponytail 

Kim was wearing this edgy look for WEEKS. It’s a head-turning, definitely interesting to look at, hairstyle. And the best part? It’s one of the easiest celebrity hairstyles to DIY.


It’s as simple to do as it looks: Pull your hair up into a ponytail & get to braiding. You can do this with your natural hair, or grab some hair extensions to add length & volume to your plait. INSERT NAME HERE’s ponytail extension Lara is made-to-braid.


At 34 inches, it’s our longest ponytail extension (so you’ll be sure to make a statement). One Allure beauty editor even called Lara a “butt-length braid extension” that made her “Kim Kardashian hair dreams come true.” 


Finish off your look with some hair pomade to keep your braid sleek, secure & clean.






Super Sleek Long Hair 

Since the very start of The Kardashians, Kim & her sisters have been known for their extra long hair. And over the years, their hair just got even longer and even sleeker. So of course, we had to add it to our to-do list. 


It can take forever to grow your hair to Kardashian lengths — but even the iconic sisters themselves use little hacks to give them this look. So yes, we’re talking hair extensions. 


INSERT NAME HERE offers a variety of extra long hair extensions. Its U-Clip hair extensions are the easiest hair extensions on the market; with just one simple hair wrapping weft, you’ve got extra long hair! 


If you’re looking for a more customizable option, look towards XTRA INCHES hair extensions. They’re the most luxurious vegan hair extensions with pre-styled beach waves. Though artificially-made, XTRA INCHES hair extensions are super soft, blend easily & have a natural shine. It comes in 7 individual hair wefts so you can add them & blend them as you please.


Looking for luxury? Reach towards our 100% pure remy Human Hair extensions. While more expensive, they’re ethically-sourced, salon quality & last 3x longer than other brands. You can dye them & heat style them anyway you’d like — just like with your own hair! 




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You’re doing amazing, sweetie!  Show us your Kim Kardashian hairstyles by 
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