Trend Report: Coachella Hair Styles

Trend Report: Coachella Hair Styles

get your festival hairstyles in check! 

Ready to get your first fest on? It’s been two years since the last Coachella, so we’re more hyped than ever (did we mention we’ll be working with Mane Addicts’ hairstylists at Coachella?? Stay on the lookout for INSERT NAME HERE in the desert babes!!)

Yeah, that set list is killer— but TBH, we at INH look forward to the trends that pop up in festival season & rule the summer long after the music fades.

To prep you for the party, we rounded up some of our favorite emerging hairstyles for festivals 2022!

But first, before we dive into all of the festival hair, here are some pro tips to help keep your hair flawless (even while you’re headbanging): 

- Keep flyaways extra smooth with No Fly Zone Pomade.

- Always stay prepared! Keep a tube of Quick Slick flyaway hair essence for those stubborn strands. It’s gonna be a long day! Luckily Quick Slick is travel sized & ready for action.

- Always bring an extra ponytie to hold your hair back when needed. Let’s be real here. We all know how easy it is to lose these guys. If you don’t, chances are one of your girls will. Better safe than sorry, babe! 

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get you set up for some cute Coachella hair inspo: 


1. Backstage Bubble braids

Bring on the bubbles, babes! Give your look that extra touch of volume and dimension by adding bubbles to your pony. If you’re looking for some extra length, strap on your choice of one of INH’s extra long ponytail extensions. Your confidence will thank you. 




2. Bold, colorful bobs 

Warning: these babes just might bring out a whole other side of you. Popping on a bold, colorful wig is the perfect way to transform into a new self. Luckily, we've got plenty of easy, beginner friendly and lightweight styles to choose from.

Pick your match! From soft, pastel Joy to rebelious Hana and flirty Jenny, we’ve got you covered, babe. 


3. Magical Multicolored Braids

Twist it up in a fun, vibrant shade! Multicolored braids are an easy and spunky way to make you stand out in the crowd. 


4. Long, High Ponytails

Let’s face it: Ariana Grande’s go-to look will always be a favorite. It’s super fun and an easy way to keep your hair up and out of your face when you’re jamming to your favorite festival sets. (Plus, talk about an instant face lift!!) 



Euphoria Carnival Maddy Makeup and Outfit Inspo ✨

♬ original sound - INSERT NAME HERE

5. Baddie Braided Ponytails 

Rapunzel, who? Long, braided ponytails have quickly become a celebrity fav look! Looking to add some length? Take your choice of  our many long ponytail extensions. Whether you choose Sharon, Miya, or our made-to-braid pony Lara- your hair is sure to turn heads.  



6. Dainty Decorative Clips

Turn heads with accessories galore. Decorative hair clips are a super fun way to make your look fab from head to toe. 


7. Chunky Highlights

Take me back to the ‘90s, baby. Chunky highlights are a super fun way to add a pop of color to your look. Can’t commit to the real dye? Try out our clip in Hi-Lites, or our semi-permanent hair dye, Insert Color Here

@alysilverio Highlight trend w/o the bleach + commitment. These are from @inhhair!!! Use ALYSILVERIO for $$$ off 🤍 #hairstyle #hairtransformation #beforeandafter ♬ Knew better part 2 - <3

8. Cute Crimped Hair

Y2K- yeah we’re still not over her. Hit me baby one more time with your best crimped hair. 

Need some help getting that crisp crimped look? Use Insert Crimp Here with our Flame Fighter Heat Protectant





9. Trendy Tinsel Hair 

Time for a little Euphoria touch. Sparkle isn't just a make up trend-- clip in some Hair Tinsel (or fairy hair) for easy vibrance to your strands. If you’re yearning to give your hair extra inches and volume, try out our long ponytail extension Kacey. She’ll give your hair a tinsel twist. 



10. Playful Dyed Ponytails

Babe it’s time to turn up the saturation! Switch up your look with a colorful pony.  Be commitment free with our ponytail extensions- whether you choose Shayla in powder blue, or Lola in lilac, your look will def make a statement. 



11. Spunky Space Buns

It’s a Coachella classic. Space buns are an easy way to keep your hair up and your confidence high. Boost your bun game by clipping on our space bun hair extension Miley, or double up on clip-in hair buns Cami or Sammy


12. Bangin' & Bold Hair Colors

It’s time to throw shades and add some fun hues to your look. If you’re looking to rock out colored tints just for the festival weekend, try our semi-permanent, ultra conditioning (& damage free) Insert Color Here. 



 We're so excited for all of your Coachella looks! Stay safe, babes and make sure to take tons of pics! Tag us on InstagramTiktokPinterestTwitter Facebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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