@LianeV Lookbook

@LianeV Lookbook

Did somebody say FIRST. COLLAB. EVER?! That’s right! We’re so excited to launch our first collab in INH history with our fave, the queen of hustlin’–– Liane AKA @lianev! This mega girl boss has been a huge INH supporter since day one. Whether she was sporting a street chic with SHAYLA, an always-cute workout fit with our SAMMY bun, or glam time with MIYA, Liane always looked flawless.

So it comes as no surprise that #Shordynn worked with her to come up with The Liane Pony and the LianeV x INH Hair Pins! We’re all so excited and can’t wait to share all the looks you can *easily* achieve with this new launch. Be sure to also check out our LianeV Spotlight blog post to learn more about the star of our collab!

The Liane Pony

Liane herself is a multi-threat: musician, fashionista, dancing queen, beauty enthusiast, and family-lover! Because she does just about everything in her own style, it seemed only fitting to create the LIANE pony and make it super versatile! 

The Liane Pony:

  • Was made for daily wear
  • A shorter version of our bestselling ponytail Brit
  • Looks great as a high ponytail
  • Can be glammed up or casually worn down

It was really made to do it all–just like Liane! This ponytail morphs and matches any vibe you want. Here are a couple of Liane’s fave looks with the LIANE pony:

SPORTY Who knew we could look this good while working out?!

PERFORMER Woah, starstruck!

 BOSS Always hustlin’!

STREET Taking every opportunity to glam it up! 

With this pony, you can pick your vibe and look BOSS AF doin’ it! 

The LIANEV x INH Hair Pins

Not only is this our first collab ever but it’s also our first major hair accessory line. Liane really wanted to bring her girl boss, street glam style to these hair pins. We’re OBSESSED with them because they compliment all of our other INH ponies, wigs, and extensions flawlessly. These sparkly, bold hair pins were designed to stand out but never weigh you down (it won’t damage your hair). 

Liane wanted to make sure these hair pins were functional yet fabulous. That way you can put in the work and look gorgeous while doin’ it! Whether you’re trying to spice up some mundane, daily errands or you want to elevate your look, these classy and timeless pieces give your style some that pop of fun. 

The Whole Thaaang

Get the whole LianeV x INH Collection and wear both the Liane Pony and the hair pins–we don’t see why you can’t! Plus, if you know Liane, you know she’s all about multi-tasking. If you’re looking for a sleek look you can use the hair pins to pin back your side bangs (real or fake!). 

Also, there’s no such thing as too many! Wear however many of the hair pins you like, we won’t judge. One fun trick to try is using whichever pin stands out to you more near the base of the pony/the front of the hair wrap piece. It could be a fun way to really glam things up! For the entire collab, check out the Whole Liane Collection Bundle–you’ll get the Liane Pony and all of the LianeV x INH Hair Pins in one easy swoop. 

How To Elevate Other INH Products

Want to use the hair pins with other INH products? We got you! We love using them while wearing our Lux extensions! You can either wear your hair fully down or half-up, half-down and the hair pins will just glam up your look. 

Want that baddie, street chic look that Liane usually wears? Pro tip: use our Waver (first hot tool!) for gorgeous, natural-looking waves then apply the assortment of hair pins throughout your hair. 

To get more looks and save a few $$$, be on the lookout for our new bundles with this launch too!

  • LianeV x INH - Whole Collection Bundle (Pony + Hair Pins)
  • The Whole LianeV x INH Hair Pins Bundle (All 4)
  • Liane + Lola
  • Liane + Miya + Shayla (LianeV’s personal faves!)

We’re super excited about this collab because it’s really all about boss babes coming together and feeling confident and beautiful no matter what they’re doing! Who says you can’t look good while hustlin’? The LianeV x INH Collection’s versatile styling can help you achieve whatever vibe you want to go for. 

If you try and recreate any of these looks tag us @insertnamehere on Instagram and use the hashtags #inhbabe and #LIANEVXINH. We can’t wait to see the allll the look you guys serve! 

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