You know the drill! Each month we roll out the red carpet and crown one of the INH Babes from our Facebook group with the coveted title, Babe of the Month.

Our September Babe of the month is Blandin Luzuka, who goes by Bee! 👑🐝 (@queenbeezay on Instagram)

Uh-huh honey– Bee is INSERT NAME HERE royalty! She’s one of our devoted INH Babe FB Group Moderators.

Get all the buzz on our INH queen, Bee, below...

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What do you do?

🍎 Special Educator, I teach students in high school who have special needs.

Where do you live?

British Columbia, Canada

What's your Sign:

Aries! That’s why I love red hair ! A true fire sign!

Wearing Remy Lux Extensions (dyed)

What is your hair type?

Thick, curly, 3b curl pattern, similar to the Chloe INSERT NAME HERE extensions!

Chloe in Red Wine

What’s your biggest hair concern?

Retaining length and health! I’ve been dying my hair red for 9 years! It would always break due to all the chemicals and heat damage! INH has allowed me to grow my hair healthy! While achieving long mermaid hair I’ve always dreamed of having!

What and when was your first INH purchase?

July 2020, I waited for the red collection! I bit the bullet and purchased 6 ponytails! 2 Miya’s, 2 Brits & 2 Shaylas! My first order was held up at the border (Canadian problems) so I actually received my second order first! Which was Ariana/Alyssa (my favourite pony)

Alyssa in Honey

Why did you choose these 2 for your bundle?

I chose Lola & Zooey. Lola is my favourite everyday pony! She’s so versatile! Her flip could be classy, casual or sporty! She doesn’t tangle or get in the way! Perfect for all day wear!
Zooey also has multiple uses! You can dye her, curl her, straighten or cut! I love the freedom you have!

Miley in Dark

How many products do you own?

Only 98 items, no big deal or anything!

Who / where do you look for hair inspo?

Disney princesses, Dolls (Bratz & Barbies), Anime, Black Female Rappers and Funko Pops. INH ‘s Ariel made me fall in love with red! Cardi B has some of my favourite looks I have recreated! I also love cosplaying anime & Disney bounds!

Miya in Ruby

Favorite hair hack?

Pairing Zooey with a pony or bun! If you don’t want to dye your hair you can dye Zooey to match any pony for a more seamless blend! Or I use Zooey as a root touch up in between salon appointments!

Wearing Zooey Bangs in Dark Brown

How does INH make you feel?

INH has allowed me to embrace my natural black hair and natural curls which I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years! I love the INH family the most! Finding people who share the same love has been fulfilling! I feel a sense of belonging in a community with members who are just as passionate about beauty! They encourage, support and inspire me! I’ve met some of my best friends here! Even my dog is a part of the INH pet family! INH has given me so much confidence and love!

Coco wearing Ariel


Shop the Babe of the Month Bundle: Bee's Favorites


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