Introducing: INH x Bratz

Introducing: INH x Bratz

Our bratiest collab yet ~ 

Have a passion for fashion? You’re not alone. 

Introducing our bratiest, maybe even trendiest, collab yet: INH x Bratz. Worldwide, everyone knows how iconic these dolls are. They’re trendsetters with a love for self-expression and are devoted to true friendship. (Sounds to me like INH Babes, am I right?!)  

In honor of this fierce collab, we’re selling FOUR extra long & extra voluminous lace front wigs- one inspired by each of the original Bratz dolls with a 2022 glow up! 

Don’t have too much wig experience? Don’t worry, these are lace front wigs for beginners. Plus, they’re vegan wigs too! Made with our signature INFINI-FLEX™ hair– these hand-tied, pre-styled lace front wigs are ready to wear for limitless looks. 

While they’re perfect for your Bratz inspired looks & cosplay, these babes won’t feel like it. They’re soft, healthy looking, luxurious & can be styled every day - just like the Bratz like ‘em. 

The fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve also released limited edition Bratz Barrettes. Don’t theorize, accessorize! These Bratz accessories give you just the right amount of sparkle to snap & serve. 

Ready to meet the girls? Let me introduce you to: Cloe, Yasmin, Jade & Sasha






Cloe’s icy platinum strands make her look just heavenly. This vegan wig is 22 inches long with lots of layers that are curled at the end. 

She adores shimmery fabrics and glittery makeup. Setting the coolest trends 24/7 may seem like a huge responsibility, but for Cloe it's another day! She is flirty, athletic, energetic, dramatic, and imaginative, but her friends help her stay grounded. With a fashion passion that includes animal prints and shimmering and sparkling fabric, sporty outfits and wild accessories


INH Babe @yessii.oliva wearing Cloe. 







Yasmin is your ultimate regal girl! At 28 inches long with chunky highlights & wand waves, she’ll completely transform your look.  

Yasmin is a talented writer with a love for animals. She’s feminine, glamorous, and stylish and always there for her friends. Even though there is something almost regal about her, Yasmin is not pretentious; she is open-minded, with what she describes as a 'bohemian' style. She loves prints and neutral colors, earth tones and mixing fabrics and textures. She likes thrifting and mixing vintage clothing with newer pieces. If this is totally sounding like your aesthetic, you’ll def want to try out this synthetic lace front wig. 


INH Babe @beyonka_smalls wearing Yasmin. 





Jade is a trendsetter & real kool kat. This Bratz hairstyle is super sleek & straight, long, & edgy. 

She’s always down to push the boundaries with her fashion and uses it to express herself. Jade has a unique, yet trendy, sense of style. She enjoys shopping at trendy boutiques and thrift shops and always manages to put together very cool outfits. 

Jade seriously has a passion for over the top fashion and breaking all the fashion rules, making her own path and doing what she wants. Crimped hair, butterfly clips, and streaks of color — whatever she wears is unexpected, all levels of funky cool! 

She’s perfect for TikTok inspired looks & Y2K fashion fits!


INH co-founder @immbunny wearing Jade.







Sasha (aka Bunny Boo) is a total fashion baddie. At 30 inches long, she’s the longest of the Bratz collection. She’s got beautiful deep waves for show-stopping volume. 


She knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it! Sasha takes cutting-edge streetwear to a whole new level. Determined, confident, and always standing up for her friends, she’s inspired by her real passion, music. She’s never afraid of hoppin’ into any trend & unapologetically being a diva!


 INH Babe @_meagangreen wearing Sasha.


 INH Babe @thesupermuse wearing Sasha


Need help applying your wig? Check out this tutorial from INH Babe @thesupermuse.



We can’t wait to see your super stylin’ looks!  Show us your passion 4 fashion and tag us on InstagramTiktokPinterestTwitterFacebook and use the hashtag #INHBabe!

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